In Transit, Poems by Kathryn Jacobs

By Kathryn Jacobs

Concerning the
“Negative Human-Bear Interactions”
So Deeply Mourned by
the New York Times

The interactions of the human-bears
are negative, the Times says. Probably
it’s difficult to be a human-bear.
I sympathize. I’m barely human, and
I find my own are difficult enough.

Relations, just for instance: most of us
find “who” is complicated. They’ve got “how”
as well: do they “go bear” when intimate?
Cause as for “going human” – prejudice
would probably deter most candidates.

Be honest: would you mate a human bear?
(Bare humans on the other hand)—
So that’s
one problem. But I think it’s soluble:
I’m told that werewolves have these issues too,
and they’re still with us. Werewolf counselors
might help, therefore. And if there’s anyone
who thinks that they could tap their “Inner Bear?”