Inspiring Future Leaders with Venture College’s Entrepreneurship Session

The A&M-Commerce College of Business kicked off its first Venture College workshop of 2023 by hosting an online entrepreneurial session on January 27.

Led by Venture College's Program Coordinators Jacob Pouttu and Cristian Villegas, the session homed in on the importance of “Design Thinking” as an essential component in solving problems that allow new startups to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace. Attendees were provided with these skills and the knowledge of incorporating design thinking into their current projects and goals.

The Venture College selected seven extraordinary fellows from A&M-Commerce and high school students from the Prosper Independent School District to participate in the session. They were selected based on their aptitude, drive and determination to create valuable business and non-profit endeavors. These students have great ideas ranging from innovative ways to deliver beauty products to students studying at A&M-Commerce to non-profit organizations that provide value through job training to special needs individuals based on their skills and helping young people create art in their local communities through education and advocacy to public schools.

“Since the launch of Venture College in the fall of 2019, the College of Business has been committed to reaching out to all students across the university as well as its community to inspire future leaders,” Pouttu said. “Our mission continues to be to help create future business, non-profit and community leaders through personal development, innovation and support in pursuing member ventures. This session is just one of the ways in which we do so.”

Shreya Srivathsan, one of the selected fellows who took part in the session and a high school student at Rock Hill, said of the event: “This first session was incredibly informative and was a great introduction to how we can implement the ‘Design Thinking' process in our daily lives. I love learning about topics outside of what is expected from me at my high school and believe this program provides a wonderful introduction to business.”

She continued: “I enjoy self-paced modules while also learning from educators, business owners and fellow members from across the world. Being able to discuss my ideas in a safe space of growth and encouragement has helped me feel confident to take on the different discussions we are to have in the following months of the program. Design Thinking, problem-solving and entrepreneurship aren’t just skills that can be applied to start your own business, I’ve already been able to implement what I have learned outside the program within my community by leading discussions and encouraging other teenagers.”