L-3 Mission Integration Donates 12 iMacs to Computer Science Department

L-3 Mission Integration donated 12 iMac computers to the Texas A&M University-Commerce Computer Science Department on May 9.

“We've done things we wouldn't be able to without the help of L-3,” said President Dan Jones. “It's a wonderful partnership.”

The computers, valued at approximately $2,000 each, total just under $25,000, will be used as part of a Mobile Computing and Applications Lab (MCAL) to develop applications for use on platforms such as iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.

“L-3 is exemplary at being just as passionate toward students as we are,” said Dr. Grady Blount, Dean of the College of Science, Engineering & Agriculture. “We really appreciate, not just hardware like this, but the internships and the employees that L-3 shares with us. It's the kind of connection that we all know is required in the twenty-first century.”

The ceremony was held at 9:30 a.m. on May 9 at the Journalism building. Several faculty attended the event including: Dr. Dan Jones, A&M-Commerce President; Dr. Grady Blount, Dean of the College of Science, Engineering & Agriculture; Dr. Sang Chuhl Suh, Computer Science & Information Systems Department Head; Dr. Daniel Edelman, Associate Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Jim Gibson, Vice President Engineering at L-3; Frank Brandon, Director of Advanced Technology at L-3; and Jack CoLoke, former L-3 executive and now A&M-Commerce Distinguished Lecturer in Marketing & Management.

“Mobile computing is a recently emerged and rapidly growing computing paradigm,” said Dr. Sang Chuhl Suh, Computer Science & Information Systems Department Head. “It implies ‘taking computer and all necessary resources out into the field and involves mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software. Newly created MCAL in the department of computer science will be used to provide software development platform for all applications related to mobile computing. MCAL will support a new ‘Mobile Computing and Programming Track' in newly established computational science master's program. Students concentrating on this track will be able to develop various mobile apps to experiment iPhone/Android programming. Furthermore, the department plans to use this lab for K-14 summer outreach to recruit students for STEM majors.”

Headquartered in Greenville, Texas, L-3 Mission Integration (MID) is a division of L-3 Communications Integrated Systems Group, an internationally recognized systems integration organization. MID's focus is on the design, development and integration of advanced avionics, special purpose airborne systems and aircraft maintenance and modernization for government and military customers worldwide.