Honors Graduate Spotlight

Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore with friend

When Stephanie Moore started her academic career at A&M-Commerce as an honors college student, she lacked a vision for her future. What she discovered was a passion for international relations and business. Beyond her studies, Stephanie continually sought opportunities to bridge the gap between international and domestic students. She mentored and spent considerable time with students from Namseoul University, Korea who were part of a three-week Global Experience program. Dr. Robert Rankin was exactly the right kind of professor to support her journey. Stephanie’s honors thesis, entitled Determining Pre-College Experiences of Global Competence, investigates four factors (academic achievement rank, professional work experience, study abroad and world language studied) that could be predictive of global competency in incoming freshmen at A&M-Commerce. She discovered only academic achievement rank to be predictive of global competency.

During her education, Stephanie also had the opportunity to take advantage of College of Business visits to the Chinese University of Geosciences-Beijing (CUGB)

Post-graduation, Taskmaster, an importer of tires, offered Stephanie a position as Wholesale Fulfilment Coordinator where she works as a liaison between international tire manufacturers and domestic tire distributors. In the future, she hopes to leverage her education and experience to work for a non-profit organization to advocate and encourage international businesses to invest in the United States.