Meet the President: An Entrepreneur Serving in Office

Before joining the A&M-Commerce College of Business, Jacob Weast was an entrepreneur reselling sneakers, jerseys and other sportswear.

In his heart, he always knew he wanted to successfully operate a business of his own, so he decided to follow his dream and pursue his bachelor's degree in business administration in the Fall of 2020. For him, he knew a business degree at A&M-Commerce was the obvious choice, as it would provide him with ample opportunities to learn about the different aspects of business, help him network and grow his community, as well as help him develop his skillset ensuring that one day he can own and run a successful business of his own.

“The College of Business has exposed me to new ideas and ways of thinking when it comes to business. It has both challenged me and helped me grow as a student and professional,” Weast said. “So far it has provided me with ample opportunities to gain a versatile set of skills that would be applicable in many different areas of my life. Whether I decided to pursue my dream of starting my own business or work for a large corporation, I know that the knowledge I have gained through my degree so far is invaluable and will help me transform my dreams into reality.”

His advice to new students deciding to pursue a degree in the College of Business is to come to class with an open mind and a positive attitude, for there is always something you can take away and apply to the business or personal world.

Recently, Weast has been elected as President of Delta Tau Delta, a greek organization on campus that focuses on personal leadership, professional development and brotherhood. Initially, he joined this chapter because it provided him with an opportunity to make more friends, become a better man and gain leadership experience.

Later, he realized that it would also provide him with opportunities to serve and give back to his community as the fraternity is a long-time partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Jacob and Delta Tau Delta have hosted and partaken in several activities in the past year raising over $1,000 to support the foundation.

As president of Delta Tau Delta, Jacob is currently serving a one-year term from November 2022 to November 2023. Prior to that, he served as Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, New Member Coordinator, Interfraternity Council Senator and Social Media Chairman of his fraternity. Upon his graduation in 2024, he aspires to have a career in marketing, administration or operations with the ultimate goal of owning his own business.