Mother Language Day at A&M-Commerce: Harnessing the Spirit of Cultural Celebration

Texas A&M University-Commerce College of Business Assistant Professor of Finance and Faculty Advisor to the Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA) Dr. Azim Khan was invited to give a keynote address at the Global Students Association (GSA) of TAMUC's Mother Language Day cultural celebration, which took place on February 21, 2024.

Speaking to a large crowd comprised of students, faculty, and staff at the Rayburn Student Center, Khan delivered an exciting speech that delved into the historical origins of the day and its profound significance since its approval at the 1999 UNESCO General Conference, and since 2000, its observance worldwide.

In his address, Khan traced the roots of International Mother Language Day back to February 21, 1952, offering a historical context that underscored the importance of preserving and celebrating linguistic heritage.

“The intrinsic connection between language, culture and identity emphasizes the pivotal role of mother tongues in shaping individual and collective experiences,” Khan said.

The event served as a dynamic platform for A&M-Commerce students to share personal reflections on their mother tongues and other languages. It aimed to celebrate the cultural diversity of our campus, which currently hosts students from over 50 countries, while fostering a vibrant exchange of cultural perspectives. Attendees, including members of the university community from diverse backgrounds, engaged in a spirited celebration of linguistic diversity, contributing to an atmosphere of unity and mutual understanding.