Ready to Work with Cintas

Management Trainee Program Open to All Majors

Alexis Phelps, Talent Acquisition Manager at Cintas

The College of Business was proud to welcome Alexis Phelps, Talent Acquisition Manager at Cintas to campus on Thursday. Alexis met with Dean, Dr. Mario Hayek and Department Head, Dr. Alex Williams to discuss future opportunities for collaboration. She was also able to provide valuable insight on interview best practices for Professor Jazz Dyck’s Business Communications class.

Finally, Alexis hosted an open hybrid session in collaboration with Beta Alpha Psi for all students. The virtual component even allowed students from other campuses to join the session and learn more about the Management Trainee Program at Cintas. The program offers a 21-month full-time rotational role that exposes students to service, operations, office and sales positions while also allowing them to participate in professional development through classroom seminars. While this is a full-time role, the company also offers various internships. The program is open to any major and is a great opportunity for students to explore Cintas and decide if it's the right fit.