TAMUC Faculty Member Part of International Team Investigating Tetraneutrons

A&M-Commerce faculty member Carlos Bertulani, Ph.D., is part of an international research team that has discovered further evidence of the existence of a mysterious type of matter consisting of four neutrons known as a tetraneutron. The research is published in Nature, a prestigious, international science journal.

Possible tetraneutron signatures were first detected in a 2002 experiment. However, the modern-day experiment produced more reliable data.

According to a New Scientist article highlighting the research, Bertulani said the discovery will help physicists fine-tune theories about the nature of nuclear forces. He noted that questions regarding how neutrons do or don't stick together have been troubling nuclear physicists for more than a century.

Read the full article at NewScientist.com and learn more about Bertulani and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at A&M-Commerce.