VisCom Seniors Impress at Dallas ADDY Awards

On March 8th, the 56th Annual ADDY Awards were held at the Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX. Three VisCom students were awarded with gold medals: Karina Pérez-Fajardo (BFA ‘18) for her XXV International Congress of Entomology poster, Cooper Weinstein (BFA ‘18) for his Catch-22 book cover, and Christa Griffith (BFA ‘18) for a Cirque Gala invite.

Karina Pérez-Fajardo also took home 2 silver medals for her DeCecco pasta packaging and the Pearl Cup logo. Cooper Weinstein won 2 additional bronze awards for a Big Horn National Forrest Fall Festival Poster and his Into the Darkness photography. Additional bronze awards were awarded to Aliana Layug (BFA ‘18) for her Colourpop ad, Habinna Choi (BFA ‘18) for her Attachments and Catcher in the Rye book covers, and Sam Nunez (BFA ‘18) for his RHS Chelsea Flow Show poster and Firestone & Robertson Whiskey invitation.

All local gold and silver medal winners qualified to compete in the District 10 ADDYs, where Karina Pérez-Fajardo's work received a silver, bronze, and special judges award. Her XXV International Congress of Entomology Poster will move on to the National ADDY Competition later this spring. 12 chapters of the American Advertising Federation competed in the District 10 ADDYs, including chapters in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

View the winning work from our seniors.