Casey Richards
Advisor for Agricultural Leadership, Agricultural Science and Technology Program Options, Agribusiness, and Wildlife and Conservation Science

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Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
AG/ET 144
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Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

While a graduate student at Sam Houston State, Casey enjoyed teaching and working with college students. Once she graduated, she taught high school agriculture courses for 4.5 years but really missed working in higher education. She began seeking a change in career and knew people who loved their jobs at A&M-Commerce. She started her career at A&M-Commerce as a Student Solutions Specialist, then moved to Success Coach, and eventually landed a job that she absolutely adores, the Academic Advisor for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources”

A Conversation with Casey Richards

What is your favorite thing about A&M-Commerce?

“My favorite things about the environment here are the small-town feel of Commerce and how friendly my CASNR students are. They are always willing to drop by and say hello, hold a door for ANYBODY, and are so smart!”

Tell us about your job here on campus.

“My position is great because I get to meet so many people from all over. We have students who come here internationally to compete on various teams. It's such a great experience hearing about various cultures and the student’s goals after college.”

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