Blinn College and Texas A&M University-Commerce Forge New Bachelor’s Degree Pathway for Safety and Health Students

By Blinn College District

BRYAN, TEXAS: The Blinn College District and Texas A&M University-Commerce have established a new transfer agreement that will allow Blinn's Fire Safety and Health students to transfer their credits toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) in Safety and Health through A&M-Commerce.

“We are excited to collaborate with Texas A&M University-Commerce in providing our students with a clear pathway to further their education,” said Michelle Trubenstein, dean of Health Sciences at Blinn College District. “Through this partnership, we are providing our students with a clear, affordable pathway toward safety and health careers with high demand and significant earning power.”

The strategic partnership reaffirms both institutions' commitment to fostering student success and accessibility to higher education. Under the terms of the agreement, Blinn students who meet A&M-Commerce's admission requirements or complete their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) with a 2.0 cumulative GPA will receive automatic admission to pursue the BAAS in Safety and Health through A&M-Commerce.

Blinn's AAS in Fire Safety and Health provides knowledge and hands-on skill development for entry-level employment in a variety of industries. Graduates may work as safety technicians, occupational safety technicians, or environmental protection specialists.

The 60-credit-hour AAS degree plan includes core curriculum courses as well as specialized courses in safety and health; accident prevention, inspection, and investigation; fire chemistry; Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations; emergency management; fire prevention codes; building codes and construction; fire protection systems; safety program management; and firefighter health and safety.

Designed for adult learners and working professionals, the 120-credit-hour BAAS in Safety and Health program at A&M-Commerce offers flexible, fully online instruction tailored to accommodate the schedules of busy students.

Students who pursue a bachelor's in safety and health are typically interested in:

  • controlling and preventing environmental and occupational hazards,
  • analyzing data and identifying potential risks to prevent accidents and injuries,
  • and solving complex challenges related to workplace safety and health.

“The College of Innovation and Design at A&M-Commerce is thrilled to collaborate with the Blinn College District to prepare the next generation of safety and health professionals,” said Assistant Dean April Sanders. “Leveraging the strengths of both institutions will help equip students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make an immediate impact on the safety industry, thereby empowering learners and helping them maximize their potential.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational health and safety

specialists and technicians earn a median salary of $75,240 per year and demand is projected to grow 13% between 2022 and 2032, generating an additional 17,700 jobs nationwide.

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