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Justin Norman holds the role of Community Director at Pride Rock Residence Hall. Originally from Houston, Texas, and raised in Corpus Christi, he joined A&M-Commerce in July 2023. Justin is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV), his alma mater. Prior to his start at A&M-Commerce, he served as a college recruitment advisor at Texas A&M University. During his undergraduate years at UHV, Justin worked as a Resident Assistant, an experience that ignited his passion for the housing field and motivated him to pursue further opportunities in this area.

How I Can Help You?

At A&M-Commerce, my priority is to offer comprehensive support to students, encompassing academic, social, and professional realms throughout their collegiate journey. Serving as a reliable resource and advocate, I aim to facilitate a vibrant campus community by spearheading innovative programming and fostering engagement initiatives to address housing needs effectively.

A Conversation with Justin

Describe a project you are working on or have completed (personal or work-related).

One of my major interests lies in the realm of video game design, and currently, I’m immersed in a project that allows players to delve into their own distinct world. In this endeavor, they can construct an entire community alongside either AI companions or real-life friends, all while facing the challenge of survival amid limited resources.

What do you do for fun?

I’m passionate about a variety of hobbies, including gaming, working out at the gym, indulging in classic films, and exploring the latest anime releases, especially when shared with friends! Additionally, I enjoy delving into new interests like playing guitar, contributing to robotics competitions through volunteering and mentoring and discovering new foods by exploring different restaurant menus.

Educational Background

  • M.S., Computer Science, University of Houston-Victoria, in progress
  • B.S., Digital Gaming and Simulation, University of Houston-Victoria, 2021
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