A&M-Commerce Announces First Health Services Administration Graduates

The College of Innovation and Design at Texas A&M University-Commerce has produced the first graduates of its new health services administration program.

Patty Macias, Danielle Mahan, Alysa Moss, Kaci Powers, Kardelia Smith and Kisha Wofford received their Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) in Health Services Administration at the university's summer graduation ceremony on August 13.

“We are so proud of this first group of graduates,” said Instructor Deena Besson, who helped develop the program. “These six students utilized their vast knowledge, experience and diverse healthcare backgrounds to earn a degree in health services administration.”

Launched in spring, the BAAS in Health Services Administration is geared toward students interested in working with interdisciplinary teams in healthcare settings to address the needs of communities and targeted populations. Health services administrators may manage whole healthcare systems, individual facilities and practices, or specific clinical departments.

Powers said she enjoyed exploring coursework relatable to her line of work. “The program allowed me to obtain my bachelor's degree at an affordable price while also being able to continue working both of my full-time jobs in healthcare settings,” she said. “It has broadened my knowledge of quality healthcare leadership.”

Besson reports that each graduate plans to use their degree to advance into leadership roles within their current organization or seek new opportunities.

“We are excited to offer this life-changing program to help healthcare professionals leverage their knowledge and experience to become leaders in the healthcare industry,” Besson said.

The program's next term begins on September 6. Interested candidates may contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Learn more about the BAAS in Health Services Administration program at A&M-Commerce.