Accelerate Your Career in Healthcare

Become an effective and innovative leader with a competency-based program that prepares you for a rewarding and impactful career in the ever-expanding healthcare field.

Designed for working professionals, this program offers fully online coursework so you can plan your studies around your busy life. Receive credit for what you know and can do, then accelerate your degree completion and job promotion opportunities.

Doctor sitting at desk and writing a prescription for her patient
Doctor sitting at desk and writing a prescription for her patient

Is This Program a Good Fit for You?

Health services administration students are typically interested in:

  • Working with interdisciplinary teams in a healthcare setting.
  • Strategically addressing the health needs of a community or target population.
  • Developing impactful programs for positive change.
  • Leading and participating in humanitarian efforts.
  • Analyzing and implementing policies for improvement.
  • Improving the quality of life within communities.

See Yourself Succeed With a Degree in Health Services Administration

Medical professionals working while surrounded by medical instruments.

Innovation and Discovery

Take on our mission to build a better Texas as you prepare to compete in an interconnected world with creativity, ethical leadership and imagination. We don’t just discover the future; we make it.

Medical team interacting at a meeting in boardroom.

Accomplished Faculty

Our faculty are ready to guide you through your course work. We are on your team and dedicated to your success!

A group of nursing and doctor students talking about a case.

Career Readiness

In the College of Innovation and Design, you will gain applied skills—not just theory. As a working adult, you can apply what you learn to your existing position and prepare to move up the corporate ladder or take on a new career!

Student Support


A degree in health services administration offers the opportunity to:

  • Examine ethics and legal issues in healthcare and the role leaders play in fostering ethical behavior.
  • Learn about, from and with other health services professionals to enable effective teamwork and improved health outcomes.
  • Discover issues related to health services administration, including special populations and health policy and advocacy.
  • Develop leadership strategies to handle public relations scenarios in a range of health-related situations.
Doctor and his colleagues talking to team of business people on a meeting in the hospital.


Possibilities and opportunities in the healthcare industry abound. Your degree in health services administration prepares you to manage and lead in dynamic healthcare settings such as nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, imaging centers or outpatient ambulatory clinics.

Career Possibilities and Current Median Salaries

Health Services Manager (National Average)
Health Services Manager (DFW Median)
Mental Health Program Manager (National Average)
Mental Health Program Manager (Texas Median)
Nursing Director (National Average)
Nursing Director (DFW Median)

US DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2020

ZipRecruiter, 2021

Businesswoman gestures as she explains an opportunity to for business people help out in the community. A photo in the background shows people volunteering in soup kitchen.

What You Will Learn

Learn and develop practical workplace competencies to meet current and future challenges in a variety of health services settings. Acquire a broad overview of the health services field, including instruction in business, health, nursing, psychology and organizational leadership.

Courses to Prepare for Your Career

  • Required courses include Inter-professional Communication, Health Policy and Advocacy, and Quality Management and Performance Improvement.
  • General education courses and professional development electives are designed to complement the required courses and offer you a well-rounded, in-depth preparation for work in the field.

Course Delivery and Resources

Three components make up the 120-credit-hour degree.

  • General Education/Core Curriculum (42 semester credit hours)
    • You have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of general education competencies without needlessly sitting through introductory courses.
  • Professional Development Electives (48 semester credit hours)
    • You are able to demonstrate competency in a variety of related fields.
  • Upper Division Applied Coursework (30 semester credit hours)
    • You will build on and apply work-related skills in four mastery areas.

You begin each term by registering for up to two courses.

  • When you complete all your current courses before the end of a term, you can take and complete another course by the end of the term.
  • You can accelerate an unlimited number of times in each term.
  • Using this method, you can shorten your time to degree completion.
  • You are not allowed to add courses during the final week of the term.

Did you miss the registration window? Don't worry! You have two available registration opportunities each semester! For specific dates, email our advising office.


All competency-based programs in the College of Innovation and Design are offered in two seven-week terms per traditional semester with a break between each term.


SemesterTerm 1BreakTerm 2
SpringJan. 16-March 1March 4-15March 18-May 3
SummerMay 13-June 28July 1-5July 8 Aug. 23
FallSept. 3-Oct. 18Oct. 21-25Oct. 28-Dec. 13

Program Costs

Earning a degree is more affordable than ever. Our competency-based programs offer quality education at an affordable price. These rates include online versions of required course materials.

Residency StatusTuition Per Semester

In-State (TX resident)


Bordering County.
This includes: Oklahoma Louisiana New Mexico Arkansas


Neighboring state (aka interior county: Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas

in-state + $30/hour

Out of state (e.g., Florida)


Employee Scholarship

  • Tuition exemption limited to state residents
  • Students can only receive ONE exemption (example: you cannot stack senior citizen and active-duty law enforcement exemptions.)


Steps to Apply :: Competency-Based CBE

College is the next big step in your academic journey! Let’s connect! Complete a request for information to receive important updates!

Consider the field of study and degree program you want to pursue at A&M-Commerce. Take some time to review our competency-based degree programs and learn more about how competency-based education works!

Our onboarding specialists are eager to help you learn about A&M-Commerce and guide your academic journey! Once you have filled out a request for information, an onboarding specialist will contact you.

A&M-Commerce is committed to making the transfer process as smooth as possible.

To meet automatic admission requirements as a transfer student, you must have:

  • At least 12 transferable hours, excluding developmental coursework.
  • A 2.0 or higher grade point average (GPA) on all transferable coursework.

Applicants who do not meet the standards for full admission may be considered through the multi-tiered admission review process.

Automatic admission to A&M-Commerce is based on the Foundation High School Program with at least one endorsement. You are strongly recommended to complete one or more available endorsement(s) that include Algebra II or its equivalent and one science course from biology, chemistry or physics. Students applying for top 10% automatic admission must complete the foundation curriculum with a distinguished level of achievement.

Standards for full admission to A&M-Commerce are based on the required high school curriculum (Foundation Plan). Entering freshmen must have successfully completed the following courses in high school:

  • English Language Arts (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Science (3 credits)
  • Social Studies (3 credits)
  • Language other than English (2 credits)

Any one of the following:

  • Rank in the top 30% of graduating class or
  • If submitting scores, use the A&M-Commerce codes 4088 (ACT) and 6188 (SAT) from or

Study and take as many competency-based courses as you like each term for as low as $750. Because these programs are fully online, you can plan your study schedule around the rest of your day to complete the coursework.

You may also apply for any of our programs through ApplyTexas.

Send your school transcript via our secure document upload or request that your official high school transcript and transcripts for any college credit you have completed be sent to [email protected].

If your institution is unable to submit a digital copy, hard copies may be mailed to:

Texas A&M University-Commerce
Attn: College of Innovation and Design
PO Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75429-3011

We will need official/original documents.

ACT or SAT scores are optional for admission. If submitting scores, use the A&M-Commerce codes 4088 (ACT) and 6188 (SAT) from or

Your myLEO username is your CWID and your default password is your date of birth beginning with the three-letter abbreviated month (MonDDYYYY). You may refer to our guide for first-time login instructions.

  • Username: CWID
  • Password: Date of Birth (MonDDYYYY)
  • January: Jan
  • February: Feb
  • March: Mar
  • April: Apr
  • May: May
  • June: Jun
  • July: Jul
  • August: Aug
  • September: Sep
  • October: Oct
  • November: Nov
  • December: Dec
  • Within myLeo, check out the APPS tab for LeoMail, LeoPay and D2L Brightspace, where you will access your online classes, and more.
  • Check out the Student Resources tab for student information, including Undergrad DegreeWorks, your interactive degree audit, class schedules, financial aid status and awards, and more.

When you sign in to myLEO, the Financial Agreement will pop up. You’ll need to read over the agreement, select the checkbox and select “Continue.”

If you missed it or accidentally closed the window, you can get the agreement to pop up again by following these steps.

  • Sign in to myLEO.
  • Go to the Student Resources Tab.
  • Scroll to Student Information,
  • Click on Registration Menu. If you have not already completed the Financial Responsibility, it will appear here.

If you are not a self-pay student, you may qualify for financial aid to help pay for your classes.

Apply for financial aid by submitting a FAFSA and sending it to school code 003565.

You do not have to complete the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) if you have met one of the following:

  1. Met minimum college readiness standard on the SAT or ACT
  2. Obtained the minimum required score(s) on the statewide high school STAAR EOCs Algebra II and English III exams (these are optional for high schools)
  3. Met a veteran or active military waiver (must meet specific requirements for each category)
  4. Received exemption based on earning a prior degree
  5. Received a transfer exemption (declaration by another institution)
  6. Completed prior college-level coursework

Students are responsible for providing proof of exemption and will be considered assessment required until documentation is provided of state exemption. For more information, please contact the Testing Center at [email protected].

To access your Undergrad DegreeWorks online degree plan:

  • Log into myLEO.
  • Select the Student Resources tab from the home screen.
  • Scroll to Student Information
  • Select Undergrad DegreeWorks.
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What is Competency-Based Education?

What is Competency-Based Education

Competency-Based Education (CBE) posits that learning is best measured by students demonstrating what they know and can do rather than by the number of hours spent in a classroom. CBE is student-driven and self-paced, guided by individualized feedback from an instructor and advisor. CBE is also flexible, and offered fully online, so it works around the busy personal and professional lives of adult learners and working professionals.

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Faculty and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come to campus for competency-based programs?

No. The competency modules and courses for the program are fully online.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What is the BAAS in Health Services Administration?

The BAAS in Health Services Administration is a competency-based education program that prepares healthcare professionals for leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings. This entire program is available online and is tailored specifically for adult learners. The degree program is leadership centered, with students’ existing education and experience integrated alongside principles from business, health, nursing, psychology and organizational leadership. 

The BAAS in Health Services Administration is an affordable way to earn a baccalaureate degree with a total of 120 semester credit hours. The competencies and courses are offered in seven-week terms so students will be able to accelerate their time to degree completion.

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How many hours should I take?

Students initially register for six hours (two courses per term). You have the opportunity to accelerate into another course with the expectation that you will complete the coursework by the end of the term. You may continue to add courses, one at a time, through the fifth Friday of the term.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

May I receive credit for prior work experience and professional training?

There are several opportunities for you to demonstrate prior learning and earn college credit. You can receive credit for military service (ACE), work experience, professional training, licenses, certifications and by exam through the College Level Exam Program ® (CLEP).

See “What is Competency Based Education?

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Is there an application fee?

No, there is not an application fee. However, you will be charged a one-time $60 enrollment fee the first term.

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Do my applied major courses need to be taken in any specific order?

Yes, you need to take the Applied Major courses in the order listed on the degree guide.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

May I use financial aid?

Yes. Visit Financial Aid for details.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

When may I start my major courses?

You can start your Applied Major courses your first term. Please contact [email protected] for assistance. 

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

If I retake a course, do I have to pay for it again?

The flat-rate tuition fee for each seven-week term is not waived for repeat courses.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What are the admission requirements?

Visit the admissions website for specific requirements.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Do I need to come to campus for orientation?

No, as online student you may complete orientation online. Your advisor will help you complete online orientation upon being accepted to the program.

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How do I upload documents to my Mane Sync ePortfolio?

To upload documents to your ManeSync ePortfolio, please complete the following:

  • Sign into ManeSync.
  • Click the icon with your initials located in the top right corner.
  • A menu will pop up from the initial icon with multiple options. Select “Experiences.”
  • You will be taken to a new page titled “My Experiences.” Click the “Add Experience” button located in the upper right corner.
  • Once you have clicked “Add Experience,” a menu will appear. Select “Academic.”
  • A form will pop up. Complete the form with the necessary information and the document you want to upload. If you are unsure of what information to put in the form please refer to the following:
    1. Experience name: Put the class name and document title
    2. Date: Use the date you are submitting your experience
    3. Reflection: What you learned from this experience
    4. Contact: Include your student information
  • Upload your document. Documents over 10 MB will not be accepted. It is suggested to compress or upload in sections to reduce megabytes.
  • Once finished, click submit. Your form will be reviewed and approved.
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Do I need to come to campus for orientation?

Once you are accepted to the university you will contacted by [email protected] via myLEO (email) with further instructions.

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How much is the tuition for the BAAS in Health Services Administration?

Texas-Residents pay a flat-rate tuition fee of $750 per seven-week term and $1,500 for non-Texas residents, regardless of how many courses the student enrolls in during the term. Tuition for general education/core curriculum courses and all professional development competencies will also include e-textbooks that are incorporated in the online competency modules.

Out-of-State Residents* pay a flat-rate tuition fee of $1500 per seven week term, regardless of how many courses/competencies the student enrolls in during the term. Tuition for general education/core curriculum will also include e-textbooks that are incorporated in the online competency modules.

*Texas A&M University–Commerce has been approved to offer educational programs to select states. Check to see if your state is on the State Authorization of Online Programs list.

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Can I use my employer’s tuition reimbursement program?

The answer is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact [email protected] to see if you can use your employer’s tuition reimbursement program.

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How long are the terms for competency-based programs?

Each term is seven weeks in length and there are two terms per traditional semester.

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