College of Business Offers Graduate Certificates and Programs to Enhance Workforce Marketability

With much of the workforce in doubt or on hold amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Business at Texas A&M University-Commerce is offering graduate certificates and programs designed to enhance workforce marketability.

Dean Mario Hayek emphasizes that now is the time to gain valuable skill sets that apply across all industries. “This is the time to retool your skills,” said Hayek. “The Business Analytics graduate certificate and the Operational Excellence graduate certificate are both perfect for professionals who have been laid off recently or graduates who would like to continue studying until companies start hiring again,” he continued.

According to Hayek, both certificates are also a great option for employees who want to increase their value at work during these uncertain times. Both programs can be completed in as little as three months.

The Business Analytics graduate certificate program trains students to manage and interpret the limitless amounts of data available to companies today. Dr. Alma Mintu-Wimsatt, professor and interim department head of marketing and business analytics, said companies in the United States and abroad are looking for employees who can make sense of that data. “They need someone who can give the data a human element,” said Mintu-Wimsatt.

The program consists of four online courses held over the summer, including Applied Decision Making and Advanced Analytics from June 1 through July 2, and Introduction to Business Analytics and Database Management from July 6 through August 6.

Mintu-Wimsatt said the Business Analytics graduate certificate is an effective alternative for those who want to enhance their skill sets, or for those who want to postpone entering the job market. “This is a good alternative for people who are waiting to see how things will play out in the workforce,” said Mintu-Wimsatt.

The Operational Excellence graduate certificate is designed for professionals seeking proficiency in supply chain management, operations management, quality management and project management.

Dr. Gerald Burch, assistant professor of management in the College of Business, oversees the Operational Excellence graduate certificate program. He says there are two additional certificates built into the program–the SAP certificate and the Six Sigma Green Belt certificate–which provide a total of three valuable certifications that enable students to gain advanced proficiency in operational management.

Burch says the SAP certification is one of the most requested by corporate sponsors like L3Harris, who say they can't find enough employees with SAP experience. He says SAP software now touches 85% of all business transactions.

This program also consists of four online courses held over the summer; Operations Management and Six Sigma from June 1 through July 2, and Project Management and Global Supply Chain Management from July 6 through August 6.

“We looked at our graduate programs and pulled out the four courses that we felt really gave students the skills they need for the biggest impact,” said Burch. “Not just focusing on knowledge, but focusing on skills, too.”

Scholarships are available, and the GMAT/GRE requirement and $50 application fee for both certificate programs are being waived for the summer 2020 terms.

Hayek says there's another great reason to consider the Business Analytics or Operational Excellence graduate certificates. “We have these great certificate programs that can quickly give employees an edge in the workforce,” said Hayek. “But it doesn't have to end there because the certificate courses can also apply toward a graduate degree for students accepted into our graduate program.”

The College of Business at A&M-Commerce is AACSB-accredited and offers many top-ranked graduate degree programs including the M.S.A. in Accounting, MBA in Business Administration, M.S. in Business Analytics, M.S.F. in Finance, M.S. in Management and M.S. in Marketing.

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