With more competition than ever, the era of “business as usual” is behind us. Our world, workplace and communities are becoming more diverse yet more intertwined. As such, we connect industry to academia with many of our faculty having served as CEOs, VPs and senior executives at top companies, bringing the real world into our classrooms.

Nationally-Ranked Affordable Programs

The College of Business has been recognized by the highly anticipated U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2023 for several programs.

  • 60th for Best Online Graduate Business Programs (Excluding MBA)
  • 66th for Best Online Bachelor's in Business Programs
  • 110th for Best Online MBA Programs

A Strategic Vision

Our mission is to inspire transformational learning, create applied knowledge and forge impactful connections.

As part of the College of Business’ Strategic Plan, we aim to:

  • Increase student preparedness
  • Elevate Research
  • Foster an inclusive environment
  • Align our incentives
  • Transform our Operations

The A&M-Commerce Business Advantage

Here you will gain the knowledge, confidence and the practical tools you need to become a professional, ready to compete in the marketplace.

AACSB Accreditation logo



Earn a valuable degree from a fully accredited business program. Since 1976, the College of Business has held this prestigious designation making it one of roughly 800 institutions to hold such a distinction worldwide.

Student Experience

World-class Faculty

Engage with exceptional faculty who are both significant scholars and industry leaders that provide you with personalized attention. Renowned for their research and enterprising spirit, learn from the best to be the best with industry insights they provide.


Endorsed by the IMA

Our Department of Accounting and Finance is endorsed by the Institute for Management Accountants, which means our programs adequately prepare students to take the Certified Management Accountant certification exam.

Career Services

Your Future

Explore careers and develop a plan as you meet one-on-one with our career coaches. Our team will help you curate your resume and cover letters, prep you with mock interviews, provide you with professional headshots, and offer you employment opportunities and access to network with some of the largest companies across several industries.


Business Analytics

STEM Programs

Our Business Analytics and Master of Science in Supply Chain Management programs are STEM-designated, ensuring our students have the competitive advantage in the fastest-growing market. This prepares our students for professional career opportunities that provide job security, flexibility, satisfaction, and outstanding earning potential.


Funding Your Future

Committed to investing in our students' futures, our programs are not only affordable but of great value. In addition to the scholarships available from A&M-Commerce, the College of Business offers scholarships specifically for business students.


Global Exposure

To be successful in the global world, we have curated programs with faculty and staff from around the world attracting a student population that is just as diverse. Students will develop, apply and hone evolving skills to ensure their success here in Texas and abroad.



Student & Community Support

Program Costs

As of the fall of 2023, the tuition and fees for undergraduates enrolling in 12 credit hours stand at $4,212 for Texas residents and $9,108 for non-residents.

The tuition and fees for a graduate student in the College of Business taking nine credit hours is $3,820 for a Texas resident and $7,500 for a non-resident.

College of Business Graduate Scholarship

The COB Graduate Scholarship was established to assist incoming graduate students who are attending A&M-Commerce starting in the fall of each academic year.

To qualify for the College of Business Graduate Scholarship, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • You must be a fully admitted incoming graduate student in any discipline of the College of Business.
  • You must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or First Class Distinction.
  • You must be enrolled full-time with nine credit hours.

This scholarship is applicable to both domestic and international students. The scholarship will entitle an out-of-state student to the Non-Resident Tuition exemption for competitive scholarship recipients. As such, students with any other scholarship, award or graduate assistantship that provides the non-resident exemption are ineligible for this scholarship.

  • Complete and submit the scholarship application form by May 31st.
  • Check your LeoMail for communication regarding the scholarship announcement.

Scholarship applications are reviewed in the order received. Preference will be given to students with international experience through living abroad, study abroad or working abroad. To demonstrate this, students must submit a 200-word essay discussing the impact and influence of their international experience as well as explaining how this scholarship will assist them in managing their finances.

Apply today as funding is limited.

I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, this scholarship is both for domestic and international students who have international experience.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

At what point can I apply for the scholarship?

Once you have applied to the graduate school and received confirmation of being fully admitted you can apply using the online application.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Do I have to provide a resume and transcript with my application?

No. The documents are part of your graduate school application and are therefore already on file.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

I have applied for the scholarship. What do I need to do next?

Scholarship applications will be reviewed after May 31st. You will be notified via your LeoMail email address if you are selected for the scholarship.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

How will the scholarship be awarded to me?

The scholarship will be applied to your university account balance for the academic year.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Academic Degree Programs

Accounting (BBA)

This program provides you with the ability to achieve competency in internal control systems, managerial accounting, income tax accounting, financial accounting and not-for-profit accounting. Graduates pursue careers in public accounting, governmental accounting and managerial accounting.

Applied Economics (BS)

Set yourself apart with the valuable knowledge you can gain with a degree in Applied Economics. This degree program will take you through a unique college experience that is student-focused from the very beginning. Our student-centered teaching and mentoring approach will ensure that you gain marketable skills demanded by various industry employers. Apply today!

Business Administration (BS)

The B.S. degree with a major in business administration provides you with a broad-based business major and affords you an opportunity to select elective courses to complete an interdisciplinary studies minor. Graduates of this program would qualify for entry-level management or management trainee positions in marketing, finance, real estate, retailing and wholesaling, as well as positions in government or hospital administration.

Business Analytics (BBA)

Big Data has become big business, and professionals with the ability to identify opportunity and solve problems from this data are in demand across diverse industries. Prepare for a career as a computer systems analyst, management analyst, business analyst, process analyst, market research analyst, operations research analyst or cyber-security analyst with this STEM degree program.

Finance (BBA)

The BBA in Finance program will give you tangible and market-demanded skills related to capital management, investment and portfolio management, financial institutions, and personal finance. Graduates pursue careers in banking, financial analysis, corporate finance and personal financial planning.

Management (BBA)

The BBA in Management degree offers students a solid general business foundation with an emphasis in opportunity recognition and value creation. You will learn to lead people and manage resources. You will also build a repertoire of relevant managerial tools and techniques using case studies and experiential learning methods.

Marketing (BBA)

The BBA in Marketing program will teach you how organizations plan, organize, administer and achieve their business objectives through effective marketing. You will learn to develop and deploy strategic marketing plans based on creativity and analytics that help drive market success.

Supply Chain Management (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management program provides students with a solid foundation in supply chain management activities and decision-making. This includes all processes pertaining to the flow of goods and services, from the raw material stage to the final customer. The program aims to create a knowledge base that is necessary to meet the increasing demand in logistics, operations and supply chain management.

Accounting (MSA)

The Master of Science in Accounting is designed for those who want to specialize in accounting at the graduate level. It is a good choice whether you choose to build on your undergraduate accounting major or have a limited or no accounting background. The MSA is excellent preparation if you are planning a career in public accounting, industry or government.

Business Administration (MBA)

The Masters of Business Administration degree will prepare you for advanced management positions that demand analytic and strategic leadership solutions for an interrelated set of economic, ethical and environmental issues. The program is 30 semester credit hours with the option for various minor areas of concentration.

Business Administration (MBA) Veterans

Studying business is a hands-on experience – every aspect of life has a commercial angle! Be it your interest in social media, basketball or entrepreneurship, all sectors require the expertise of business professionals. Enhance your career prospects with an MBA program where you share learning experiences with other veterans and active military personnel. Acquire new abilities and understand how to transfer your invaluable military skills to a business profession.

Business Analytics (MS)

The Master of Science in Business Analytics is a STEM degree program which will prepare you to enter the workforce in the rapidly emerging field of business analytics, which involves collecting, organizing, analyzing, optimizing and interpreting Big Data for problem solving and decision making.

Finance (MSF)

The Master of Science in Finance program will give you a solid understanding of finance theory as well as the practical applications of theory to real-world problems. When you graduate, you will be prepared to meet the financial, managerial and global economic challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Forensic Auditing Analytics (MS)

The Master of Science in Forensic Auditing Analytics combines courses in accounting and business analytics to provide students with traditional forensics and auditing courses but also cutting-edge business analytic skills to successfully prevent and fight financial crime in the increasingly digital economy. Since most significant financial crimes involve computers either in commission, concealment, detection, or investigation, this program provides accounting students with skills not commonly found in traditional accounting programs, including how to extract, preserve, and document digital financial crimes to ensure their admissibility and undeniability in court.

Healthcare Leadership (MS)

In the MS in Healthcare Leadership program at A&M-Commerce, professionals are provided with the tools needed to successfully lead organizations in the dynamic and complex healthcare industry. This program can equip you with a robust understanding of healthcare markets and policy environments, enabling you to effectively navigate organizations through informed decision-making. You will have the opportunity to earn a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, and learn modern leadership practices to enhance productivity and growth for yourself and those working with you.

Management (MS)

The Master of Science in Management is a rigorous program that focuses on developing professionals who identify opportunities and create value by leading people and managing resources. The program will help you build a repertoire of relevant managerial tools and techniques using case studies and experiential learning methods.

Marketing and Marketing Analytics (MS)

The Master of Science in Marketing and Marketing Analysis program will help you develop the fundamental marketing knowledge and skills associated with market analysis, digital marketing and decision making via cutting-edge analytics. This program will help you expand your professional horizons whether you are an experienced marketing professional or want to add a marketing edge to your portfolio.

Supply Chain Management (MS)

The MS in Supply Chain Management is a STEM-designated program that prepares students to excel in the rapidly evolving field of operations. By providing key skills, knowledge, and experience needed to optimize supply chain processes, graduates are ready to create value for organizations and customers, and become leaders in various industries.

Auditing and Forensic Accounting Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Auditing and Forensic Accounting will equip students to gain certifications offered by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).  The twelve semester hours (4 courses) of coursework is eligible to meet requirements for the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program should a student wish to pursue it.  ACCT 527 & ACCT 562 are in the core curriculum and the remaining courses would meet electives for the MSA.

Operational Excellence Graduate Certificate

The purpose of this certificate is to develop a graduate-level working knowledge of important tools (e.g., Six Sigma and project management software) for successful application in supply chain and project management. By successfully completing the certificate, you will be awarded an Operational Excellence Certificate from A&M-Commerce, and Green Belt Six Sigma certificate. All the courses in the Operational Excellence Certificate Program may be applied toward a Master of Science (MS) in our Management degree program and some of the courses may be applied to other graduate business degrees.

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Business! Our goal is to provide quality, accessible, affordable and innovative business education that helps our students launch or advance their professional careers. With a world-class faculty, A&M-Commerce is part of just 5% of business schools globally to have the prestigious designation of AACSB Accreditation. I invite you to explore our programs and certificates, learn more about our faculty and their research and find out how we continue to implement initiatives that have a profound impact that transforms both our students and community. Go Lions!

Scott Wheeler
Interim Dean, College of Business

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Our annual newsletter keeps you connected with our latest research initiatives and academic success. Journey with us as we lead the College of Business to a better and brighter world.

Giving Opportunities

Invest in the business leaders of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly filter for the answers to the most common inquiries we receive. If you don’t find what you are looking for quickly, contact us and we will be glad to help!

If I take courses online, will that be reflected on my transcript or diploma?

No, our online courses and professors are the same as our live-taught courses/professors. There is nothing that distinguishes the venue in which you took a course on your transcript. Your diploma will simply read the name of the degree you received from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Are classes and programs offered online in the College of Business?

Yes, all graduate programs offered by the College of Business are available online.

Note: Online courses (within the programs) are denoted with a W in the section such as MKT 501.01W.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Is there an Honor Society for CoB students?

Yes, Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. Contact Dr. Mario Hayek for more info.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Do I have to take the GMAT or the GRE for admission to the College of Business?

No, you are not required to take the GMAT or GRE for any College of Business degree.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Can I do an Internship/CPT with my business degree plan?

Yes. Internships are available and can be coordinated with the Career Services office for the CoB. Please contact: [email protected] for more regarding these possibilities.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

How do I apply for a graduate program in the College of Business?

Note: If your undergraduate GPA is 3.0 or better the GMAT/GRE test score is waived and will be reflected on your status once your transcript is received and verified. These items can be emailed to [email protected])

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

I don’t have a business background. Can I take business classes?

Yes, however you may be required to take some prerequisite courses. An evaluation will be performed upon receipt of your application to determine which, if any prerequisites will be required. These prerequisites become a part of your required program hours and cannot be counted as electives in the program.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What courses can I take for my electives on my MBA degree?

You can view a list of electives for the MBA degree on the graduate Advanced Course Work sheet.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Can I take courses at other universities while I am in a College of Business program?

Yes. Approval from the College of Business should be obtained before you register for the class if you plan to transfer the class to Texas A&M University-Commerce. Email [email protected] with your request.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What is the cost for the College of Business program?

Please refer to the current tuition/fee schedule. Please also review an overall approximate cost breakdown.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Where can I buy/rent my textbooks?

BOOKSTORE LINK – ISBN’s for books can be found on the course syllabus in myLEO.

Also see additional information in our “Guide to Getting Started in Graduate Courses” PDF document.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What are the cutoff days to add/drop courses?

View the Registration Add / Drop Timeline

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

I would like to take the CPA examination. What are the state of Texas requirements?

The applicant must meet specific education requirements before an application for the CPA examination can be filed.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree conferred by an accredited institution of higher education recognized by the Board; and
  • Successfully completed at least 150 semester hours of college credit; and
  • Successfully completed at least 30 semester hours of upper-division accounting coursework, beyond the first two semesters of elementary accounting as defined by Board rule. At least 15 of these hours must result from physical attendance at classes meeting regularly on the campus of any transcript-institute institution. The requirement that coursework must be classified as upper-division becomes effective January 1, 2004.

  • Successfully completed at least 21 semester hours of upper-division related business coursework as defined by Board rule. The requirement that coursework must be classified as upper-division becomes effective July 1, 2005.
  • Successfully completed a 3 semester hour ethics course in a traditional classroom setting that includes ethical reasoning, integrity, objectivity, independence and other core values as defined by Board rule. (Effective July 1, 2005) (Review the current list of Board-approved ethics classes.)

Please contact Dr. James Hamill, Department Head for full details.

Read more about the CPA exam at Texas State Board of Accountancy.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Is there an application fee?

Yes. A $50.00 fee is required for domestic students. A $75.00 fee is required for international students. Pay online via myLeo after you receive your CWID# from the Graduate School.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

I took graduate courses at another university. Can those courses transfer to A&M-Commerce?

Yes, up to nine applicable graduate hours (1/3 of your program) can be considered for transfer into any 30 hour program (MBA, MSMKT, MSMGT, MSBUSA, MSFIN). The MSA will allow up to 12 hours as it is a 36-hour program. The courses must be from a regionally accredited institution within the U.S and applicable to the program you are admitted to (A or B grades only will be considered). See Graduate Catalog.

To request a course transfer:

Or you may choose to print the form and submit via USPS with your transcript to:

Texas A&M University-Commerce
College of Business Graduate Advising
PO Box 3011
Commerce, TX 75429

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

How do I get a second Masters degree from TAMUC?

You will need to submit an application for the second major and pay the appropriate application fee. You can possibly transfer 3 applicable courses from your first Masters on to your second. You must complete a minimum of 21 new hours for the second degree (or 7 courses). See Policy

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What is the graduation process?

Login to myLeo and click on the link “Apply for Graduation” during the first two weeks of your final semester. Review and verify your information (MBA students with a minor will indicate their minor on this page), hit “Submit”. To complete the process make sure you submit the appropriate application fee as well. You should receive a confirmation email in your MyLeo account. More information on Graduation.

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What are my Hood & Tassel colors for Graduation?

MBA – Drab (Sandy) Tassel & Hood

MS – Gold Tassel & Hood (MS MGT, MS MKT, MS FIN, MS BUSA, MS ACCT)

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What scores / documentation do I need to enter the College of Business program?

To qualify for FULL admission an applicant would need a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited university with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. If below 3.0 then you need a GMAT or GRE. For complete information, please refer to this link: ADMISSION INFORMATION

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Am I required to do a comprehensive exam?

Yes, a comprehensive exam is required in all graduate programs. Students must pass their exam in order to be eligible to graduate from their program. See the Graduate Catalog (pg 37-38).

Accounting (MSA)

  • You’ll take the comprehensive exam in ACCT 599, a zero-credit course.
  • Students will be registered for the course upon applying for graduation or by emailing the graduate enrollment specialist, [email protected].
  • For more information on the comprehensive exam, you can view the Accounting Comprehensive Exam Procedures.

Business Administration (MBA) and Management (MS)

  • You’ll take the comprehensive exam in the final course (MGT 527). To register for this course, complete the MGT 527 Departmental Permit.

Business Analytics (MS)

  • You’ll take the comprehensive exam in the final course (BUSA 521). To register for this course, you must complete the BUSA 521 Departmental Permit.

Finance (MSF)

  • You’ll take the comprehensive exam in FIN 599, a zero-credit course.
  • Students will be registered for the course upon applying for graduation or by emailing the graduate enrollment specialist, [email protected].
  • For more information on the comprehensive exam, view the Finance Comprehensive Exam Procedures.

Marketing (MS)

  • You’ll take the comprehensive exam in the final course (MKT 529). To register for this course, you must complete the MKT 529 Departmental Permit.
Do you find this helpful? Yes No

How do I obtain verification of enrollment?

View the steps to obtain your enrollment verification.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Can I take classes in the College of Business before I complete the GMAT or the GRE?

Yes, Domestic students can choose the non-degree option when making application. Non-degree seeking will allow you to take up to 4 classes (12 hours) before you officially enter the program (International Students ARE NOT eligible for non-degree status).

Note however, entering as a non-degree student and completion of 12 hours does NOT waive the necessary GMAT/GRE or any items in the application packet.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What is the academic integrity policy for the college of business?

Academic Integrity Policy

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What are your plans for continuous improvement?

We have outlined the plans for continuous improvement for the college of business on this page.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Can my work experience and training be considered in order to waive some of my prerequisite courses for my Master’s Degree?

Unfortunately, experiential work is not regionally accredited and thus cannot be used to waive courses or admission requirements.

“Awarding of this credit will be based solely on experiential learning that is part of a formal agreement between the University and another regionally accredited educational institution or certifying agency licensed by the State of Texas to provide professional certifications, which have historically been limited to universities. The formal agreement shall require the approval of the departmental faculty, the academic dean, the graduate dean, and the provost, and will comply with the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.”

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

How do I receive program and admission information?

Please complete the short “request information form” found in the sidebar to the right. You will promptly receive pertinent information about the program(s) of your choice as well as the admission guidelines and links directly to your email box.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

How do I register for College of Business classes?

Via myLeo or by calling 903.886.5064.

Also see additional information in our “Guide to Getting Started in Graduate Courses” PDF document.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

How do I search for my College of Business classes?

Please see our “Guide to Getting Started in Graduate Courses” PDF document.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Where can I access the Graduate Catalog?

The catalog can be found online.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

The College of Business course I want/need is full, how do I get on the waitlist?

Please follow the guidelines here:

1) Locate the 5-digit CRN for the course you want/need to add.

2) Go to the registration page in myLEO (register/add or drop classes) and type the CRN into the “add classes worksheet” at the bottom of the page and submit changes. You will receive a registration add error notifying you that the class is closed. The system is asking you if you’d like to be placed on the waitlist and it lets you know what place you are on the list (1-15).

3) Change the action to “waitlisted” and click the submit changes.

If a seat opens in the course the system emails (to your myLeo) the first person on the waiting list. That person has 24-48 hours to respond (you must log into myLeo and add the course) before moving to the next person on the list. In addition, the department will add another section when a waitlist reaches 15, so it is imperative that you put yourself on the applicable waitlists.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

I have a special research need not met by the traditional mix of classes. Are independent study opportunities available?

Yes. Up to two independent study classes may be taken. Such independent study options should be set up well in advance by coordinating with the particular professor with whom you would like to work (contact them directly for approval). Documentation and approval is required by the Department Head and/or Professor teaching the class, at their discretion.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What graduate minors are offered by the College of Business?

  • Accounting
  • Agribusiness
  • *Business Analytics (cannot be added to MSBUSA)
  • *Cyber Security
  • *Corporate Management
  • *Digital Marketing
  • *Economics
  • *Entrepreneurship
  • *Finance
  • *Financial Planning
  • *Real Estate
  • *Economics of U.S. Healthcare
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • *Marketing Analytics

You can add any minor above to the MBA program. Minors depicted with a * can be added to any graduate degree offered at Texas A&M University-Commerce (unless noted). Complete the Request for a Minor form and submit the form to your academic advisor.

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

Does the College of Business provide conditional admission for those who do not meet full requirements?

Yes. Individuals who do not meet full admission requirements are automatically considered for possible conditional admission. Admission to a program is a competitive process. Some prospects will be denied. Keep in mind, completing courses in provisional and/or non-degree do not guarantee admission to the program and it does not negate the requirement to complete any entrance exams (GMAT/GRE).

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

My undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) is too low (below 3.0). Can I still take classes in the College of Business?

Yes. Individuals who do not meet full admission requirements are automatically considered for possible conditional admission. Admission to a program is a competitive process. Some prospects will be denied. Keep in mind, completing courses in provisional and/or non-degree do not guarantee admission to the program and it does not negate the requirement to complete any entrance exams (GMAT/GRE).

Do you find this helpful? Yes No

What happens after I turn in my application packet for admission to the College of Business?

Once you apply and are granted provisional status, you will be contacted by your advisor regarding your program choice and registration recommendations for your first semester [via email].

After your application packet is complete, the graduate school will forward your application packet to the department. They will review your file for an admission recommendation (full, conditional, denied) based upon your application, any required test scores and other pertinent information.

Once the admission decision is made, the graduate school will update your information on myLEO. Students can check their application status any time by logging into their myLEO account.

If you are admitted, your academic advisor will review all submitted transcripts. Pre-requisite courses can be waived during this review, based upon completed courses/grades and applicability to the disciplines.

Once the review is complete, an official degree plan is developed for you. The scanned copy of your official degree plan will be emailed to you in about ten days (after the admission date you see on myLEO).

The graduate school will send you official notification of your admission status. Students are encouraged to also review their degree requirements on DegreeWorks.

Accessing DegreeWorks:

  • Log into MyLeo
  • Select the “Student Resources” tab
  • Select DegreeWorks link under the “Student Information” heading
  • Select “Access Graduate School DegreeWorks”

*Note: If you believe there is an error in your DegreeWorks, please contact your advisor for assistance at [email protected] or 903.468.3197.

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Who can I contact for Veteran’s Affairs?

Contact the Veteran’s Affairs Office.

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Contact Us

  • P.O. Box 3011
  • Commerce, TX 75429-3011
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