A&M-Commerce College of Education and Human Services Hosts Symposium on Racism

The College of Education and Human Services (CoEHS) at Texas A&M University-Commerce will host a virtual symposium, “What Truth Sounds Like,” on September 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Leading voices from multiple disciplines will discuss systemic racism, trauma in the African-American community and the national call for equity.

Dr. Kimberly McLeod, CoEHS dean, initiated the event to explore and understand viewpoints from the diverse range of disciplines comprising the college in pursuit of dismantling systemic and oppressive racism throughout the fields of education and social services.

“This symposium is an opportunity to give the African-American community a voice to share their truth and educate a greater community on moving forward with effective and equitable strategies to strengthen our nation,” McLeod said. “The College of Education and Human Services at A&M-Commerce is proud to offer a platform to educate, elevate, empower and inspire a larger society.”

The event will open in a general assembly format featuring keynote speakers including former Ambassador Andrew Young and Dr. Donna Ford. Afterward, participants will be directed into breakout sessions based on topics selected during registration, such as education, elected officials, public policy, faith-based communities, law enforcement, mental health and student voices.

Dr. LaVelle Hendricks, professor of counseling at A&M-Commerce, said the event is designed to shed light on issues facing today's African-American community. “Our hope is for participants to leave with newfound knowledge and information to combat systemic racism.”