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Counseling is a profession that allows individuals to experience change based on their stage of readiness. A tremendous amount of joy is exhibited when individuals reach their goals and achieve a sense of wholeness.

LaVelle Hendricks, Ed.D.
Professor of Counseling

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Attending college was new to his family. A native of West Monroe, Louisiana, Dr. LaVelle Hendricks learned the value of education from an early age. His aunt and uncle encouraged him to pursue excellence and use his knowledge to help those around him. Hendricks took this to heart. The counseling discipline offered him the space to impact those around him. Whether in the college classroom or local ISD, Hendricks brings a wealth of knowledge in drug, alcohol and other addictions. There's work to be done, but Hendricks is one leader making this happen.

A Conversation with Dr. Hendricks

What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending A&M-Commerce?

A&M-Commerce is a premier university that offers quality and affordable education. The university continues the rich tradition of educating Texans and others who walk through its doors. You will find faculty well versed in their subject matter ready to impart information. Each student will find A&M-Commerce to be conducive to their overall wellbeing. You will leave with new-found knowledge, a degree that competes with any university and memories to last a lifetime. I hold true to our founder, William L. Mayo's, statement: ‘No barriers have been raised to say to inspiring youth, this far shall thy go and no further.’

What makes you passionate about counseling?

Counseling is a profession that allows individuals to experience change based on their stage of readiness. A tremendous amount of joy is exhibited when individuals reach their goals and achieve a sense of wholeness. As a counseling member who was given the opportunity to be a change agent, it's highly rewarding to have played such a role.

What do you like most about your career?

As a student-centered professor, it's rewarding to see new students arrive on campus, watch them succeed academically, socially and emotionally and ultimately graduate. Great honor is given when former students invite you to their weddings and other special events in their lives.

Educational Background

  • Ed.D., Counseling, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 1996
  • MED, Counseling, University of Louisiana Monroe, 1985
  • B.A., Legal Issues, Northeast Louisana University, 1983

Awards and Honors

  • Erma J. Hadley Academic Award, Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education, 2023
  • Community Service Award, Texas A&M University Faculty Senate, 2020
  • Community Award For Tenacity And Service, Texas Coalition of Concerned Alcohol Drug Interventionists, 2019
  • D. Frank Davis Professional and Community Outreach Award, Texas Association of Addiction Professional, 2019
  • Award for Faculty and Student Development, Texas Association of Black Personnel In Higher Education, 2019

Research Interests

  • Student affairs issues
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Addictions

Professional Organizations

Selected Publications

  • Hendricks, L. (2019). History of crack cocaine in America. Sentia Publishing, Austin, TX.
  • Hendricks, L. (2018) Anger: Counseling from a Biblical Perspective. Sentia Publishing, Austin, TX.
  • Hendricks, L., Edwards, W., Smith, T., Reysen, S. (2019). College students' knowledge, perceptions, attitude and engagement in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. Journal of Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education1(1). 
  • Assis, N., Reysen, S., Gibson, S., & Hendricks, L. (2018). Perception of university responsibility and global citizenship identification. Journal of Educational Sciences and Psychology, 8, 19-30.
  • Balkin, R., Reiner, S., Hendricks, L., Washington, A., McNeary, S., Juhnke, G., Hunter, Q. (2018). Life balance and work addiction among African Americans. The Career Development Quarterly, 66(1).

Featured Courses

COUN 482 Anger Management
COUN 484 Intro to Bullying
COUN 497 Cultural Enrichment Class
COUN 581 Assessment and Treatment of Chemical Dependencies
COUN 606 Student Affair Services in Higher Education

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