What is Technology Management?

Technology managers utilize the latest tech solutions to solve complex business problems. They play a vital role in planning, implementing and maximizing technology to help organizations achieve their goals.

Covering a broad range of tasks, technology managers oversee:

  • Software and hardware technology, such as robotics and automation
  • IT infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity protocols
  • Data governance
  • Digital transformation initiatives

These innovative professionals utilize emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things to help organizations streamline operations and stay competitive.

Technology management is important because rapid tech advancements and digital disruptions define the modern, Internet-driven marketplace. Technology managers inform strategic decision-making and drive digital transformation, predicting trends and risks to ensure organizations operate efficiently and securely.

Pursuing a Technology Management Degree

Technology management students are typically interested in emerging technologies and business technologies. They also enjoy problem-solving, team collaboration and leadership.

The Department of Engineering and Technology at Texas A&M University-Commerce is an established hub for technology management education. The department offers multiple degree paths to enter the field, including:

Students may even qualify for the university's accelerated degree program to earn their combined bachelor's and master's in as little as five and a half years.

Advantages of a Technology Management Degree

A degree in technology management can help future-proof your career as you prepare to work in—and keep up with—the quickly changing tech landscape.

Technology management graduates are also equipped with critical human skills, described by Indeed.com's Career Guide as soft skills we use to relate to each other. Human skills include things like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and leadership. Developing these skills is important because they establish trust and cannot be replaced by automation or artificial intelligence.

Technology Management Careers

Skilled technology managers are in high demand as organizations increasingly rely on technology to stay competitive.

Businessman holding a global circle emanating a network of technologies.
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A degree in technology management opens doors to roles in:

  • Technology and cybersecurity
  • Manufacturing and logistics
  • Energy and utilities
  • Healthcare
  • e-Commerce
  • Government
  • And more

GlassDoor.com indicates that the average technology management salary across all years of experience is $172,000 annually. Top earners can reach $218,000 per year.

The Future of Technology Management

A degree in technology management can turn your dreams into reality, whether you are passionate about innovation, problem-solving or improving the human experience through technology. Chart your path in technology management today for a fulfilling career where you can help shape the future of technology and business.