United in purpose. Committed TO a cause.

Make a difference in the world. Experience exceptional learning and work with a team. Founded in 2016, Texas A&M-RELLIS is transforming higher education in Texas.

The RELLIS campus, located in Bryan, Texas, is a collaborative space to design, develop and produce innovative solutions to complex problems. You'll benefit from a campus experience and a unique academic partnership where ten institutions across the state are building a better, more sustainable Texas. Here, you'll work with industry leaders like Kubota and 3M to create new pathways toward a safer workforce.

Be a Lion in Bryan. Partner with Texas A&M-RELLIS today!

different groups of students eating, reading and talking in a student lounge at the Rellis location.

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Explore our Programs at Texas A&M-RELLIS

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RELLIS :: Exceptional Learning

be a lion in Bryan

Apply today to be a Lion at the RELLIS campus in Bryan, Texas. Be sure to list Texas A&M University-Commerce as your target university. Once accepted, contact the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at A&M-Commerce to request a location change. You’ll earn a degree from A&M-Commerce while working with nine other institutions at Texas A&M-RELLIS.

side of a building and sidewalk at the Rellis location.

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RELLIS :: Scholarships


As an A&M-Commerce student at Texas A&M-RELLIS, you’ll have access to scholarships specific to your degree.

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RELLIS :: Campus

air view od the Rellis Campus.


Located in Bryan, Texas, the 2,000-acre campus features state-of-the-art research facilities and testing centers. The RELLIS campus conducts research in autonomous and connected vehicles, robotics, roadside safety and physical security, advanced manufacturing, large scale infrastructure, smart power grids and water systems, and the Internet of things (IoT). We’re reimagining innovative ways to build a safer, more sustainable Texas.

Are you ready to join our team? Learn more about the RELLIS campus!

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RELLIS :: News

Featured News

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RELLIS :: Cost of Attendance


A&M-Commerce students enjoy an exceptional educational experience at Texas A&M-RELLIS without paying the price. We are committed to providing you with affordable and accessible education. The RELLIS Academic Alliance at Texas A&M-RELLIS has established a rate of $315 per semester credit hour (SCH) for residents in upper-division courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to transfer to Texas A&M University to attend Texas A&M-RELLIS?

No. Texas A&M University does not offer any degrees at the RELLIS campus. If you are not currently an A&M-Commerce student, you will need to transfer to A&M-Commerce to pursue our B.S. in Computer Science, BSCIS in Computer Information Systems or our B.S. in Cybersecurity degree programs at the RELLIS campus. A&M-Commerce only offers upper-division courses at the RELLIS campus. If you lack core freshman or sophomore-level courses, you will need to transfer those from another institution or earn them at Blinn College. If you are interested in a program at the RELLIS campus that another college or university offers, you will need to transfer to that college or university. Discover the academic degrees available at the RELLIS campus.

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Will I have access to counseling services at Texas A&M-RELLIS?

Yes. Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled upper-division students at Texas A&M-RELLIS. Services are provided at no cost to you through the A&M-Commerce Psychology Clinic. To schedule an appointment, please call 979.845.8017 and identify yourself as a currently enrolled upper-division student at the RELLIS campus.

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What student organizations are available at Texas A&M-RELLIS?

Visit the Texas A&M-RELLIS student organizations webpage to discover student organizations on campus.

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Do you offer services for veterans interested in attending Texas A&M-RELLIS?

As an A&M-Commerce student at the RELLIS campus, you will have access to our Veteran and Military Services.

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Is there public transportation to Texas A&M-RELLIS?

There is a Texas A&M University bus that runs a route to the RELLIS campus. Route 47 runs Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. with one stop on the Texas A&M University main campus and the RELLIS campus each. After 7 p.m. the route will be serviced by a van instead of a bus. Learn more.

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Where do I park at Texas A&M-RELLIS?

Lot 1000 is designated for student parking for both Blinn College and Texas A&M System students at the RELLIS campus. The lot is located east of the Walter C. Schwartz Building at Blinn College, north of the RELLIS Academic Alliance complex.

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Are food services available at Texas A&M-RELLIS?

The RELLIS campus offers two primary food options. The Blinn Marketplace is located within the Walter C. Schwartz building and offers a variety of coffee and snacks. A Last Shot Xpresso is located within the RELLIS Academic Alliance building and offers coffee and hot and cold food options. 

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Is housing available at Texas A&M-RELLIS?

There are currently no housing options available at the RELLIS campus. There are several apartment complexes in the surrounding area.

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Who can I contact for more information about tuition and fees at Texas A&M-RELLIS?

Lindsey Garza
Financial and Support Services Coordinator
[email protected]

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Who can I contact for information about transferring to Texas A&M-RELLIS?

Learn more about applying and transferring to the RELLIS campus:

Dali Hatanville
Assistant Director of Admissions
[email protected]

Dalton Jones
Admissions Coordinator
[email protected]

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Where is the Texas A&M-RELLIS located?

The RELLIS campus is at 3100 TX-47 in Bryan, TX, 77807. The campus is approximately 15 miles from the Texas A&M University campus and 17 miles from the Blinn College, Bryan Campus.

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RELLIS :: Contact Us

Contact Us

  • 1425 Bryan Road
  • Bryan, TX 77807
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