Jacob Wheeler
Graduate Enrollment Specialist for the College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts, the College of Science and Engineering, and the College of Innovation and Design

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A Conversation with Jacob

How do you help students in your current role?

I help prospective, new and returning students enroll in graduate programs at the master's level.

What is your favorite spot in Commerce and why?

Mugs on the square. I love coffee. Also, it's a charming little shop with friendly people. Reminds me of living in the city.

Who has been a role model for you and why?

Former student-employee supervisors and student organization advisors helped me gain confidence, learn how to overcome barriers and step outside of my comfort zone to achieve great things. Today, I remember them when working with students and try to give that experience back to those I serve today.

Educational Background

Recent Publications

  • Guiding Light (Video Game), Itch, 2023
  • “Another Day, Another Dollar,” Dying Light mod (Video Game Level), Steam, 2023
  • “CAKE. A Layered Approach to Level Design & Environmental Storytelling in Video Games,” Medium, 2023
  • “Grim Repo,” Dying Light mod (Video Game Level), Steam, 2022
  • Light of Alariya (Video Game) Steam and Epic Games Store, 2022
  • Hex Rally Racers (Video Game) Steam, 2022
  • “Game Level Design: 35 Ways to Guide the Player,” Medium, 2021
  • Mysterious Misadventures of Mollie and Mordecai (Video Game), Epic Games Store, 2021
  • Snowpainters (Video Game), Steam, 2021
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