From your classes in the academic core curriculum to your selected major area of study to outstanding endeavors both within and beyond the traditional classroom setting, you will find yourself uniquely placed in our college. Our departments represent both traditional and emerging areas of study that will not only support your current interests but will also help you define new areas of enrichment. CHSSA offers so much to explore. We hope to have you on the journey with us soon!

Unlocking Your Potential

Advantages of Earning a Degree in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts from A&M-Commerce

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Communication Skills

Establish foundations for career success by learning effective communication skills and the ability to think critically.

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World-class Faculty

Engage in personal working and learning relationships with nationally and internationally recognized faculty members.

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Well-Rounded Opportunities

Participate in programming that offers rigorous academic, artistic and aesthetic experiences and opportunities for cultural and artistic engagement with the campus and neighboring communities.

Academic Degree Programs

Art (BFA/BA) Studio Art

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts and our Bachelor of Arts (BFA/BA) in Studio Art programs provide an intensive foundation in theoretical knowledge and professional skills. Develop a personal vision, high-level techniques and the ability to make sound artistic decisions.

Criminal Justice (BACJ/BSCJ)

The broad field major in criminal justice is designed for students who wish to receive the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. The curriculum has a multi-disciplinary foundation, is social science oriented, is academic in content and emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills essential for a broad understanding of the criminal justice system. The objective of the major is to prepare you for entry-level positions in law enforcement, juvenile justice, courts, community-based corrections, institutional corrections and other related fields.

Hispanic Studies (BA)

The undergraduate Spanish program is dedicated to the study of languages and literatures of Latin America, Spain and the United States. The department offers a wide range and variety of courses, including beginners, intermediate and advanced courses in Spanish language and culture as well as courses designed for heritage speakers and native speakers.

Hispanic Studies (BA) Teaching Emphasis

Our program encourages and equips Spanish educators. No matter your proficiency level, we have language courses designed for you. You’ll study the history, politics, social structures and traditions of Spain and Latin America. Our combined Spanish and teaching program prepares you for the high school classroom. You’ll take courses in methods for teaching Spanish, issues in Spanish literature and culture, and Hispanic linguistics. After graduating, you’ll be certified to teach Spanish at the secondary level (grades 7-12).

History (BA/BS)

Through this degree you will become trained in the discipline of history. You will gain knowledge of the human past, practice historical research and writing, and learn to analyze and interpret evidence and historical interpretations. This program is a good selection if you plan to pursue advanced degrees in history or a career in public history, historic preservation or government service.

Music (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Music is a liberal studies degree that can prepare you for any number of music or music-related career fields. This program allows for more flexibility for students to design their own degree program. In the BA, you will also select a minor in a different department, with the help of your academic advisor. The music BA plus a minor in a different area can lead to any number of opportunities in graduate school or career options.

Music Education (BM)

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree, combined with professional education requirements, provides students with the information and skills to be a music educator at all levels and prepares them to take the exams for teacher certification in Texas. Though students are prepared to teach instrumental and vocal music at all grade levels, the curriculum allows them to select one of three areas of emphasis: (1) elementary general—preparation for teaching general music in the elementary grades, (2) secondary choral—preparation for organizing and directing choral organizations at the secondary level; or (3) secondary instrumental—preparation for directing bands and orchestras at the secondary level.

Paralegal Studies (BA/BS)

Paralegal studies provides specialized classes to prepare you to work in law offices as a paralegal. Practicing attorneys teach courses in family law, real estate law, business law, probate, legal research and other areas. This is definitely a growing field with a promising job market.

Performance (BM)

Engage in a wide variety of performance opportunities. The Bachelor of Music in Performance degree develops your technical skills and abilities through large ensembles, chamber playing, solo performances and more.

Political Science (BA/BS)

The undergraduate bachelor's degree programs in political science are intended to introduce students to key concepts and methods used in the study of politics and government.   Through courses in American politics, comparative politics, international relations, political philosophy and public policy, students develop skills in communication, critical and analytical thinking, and a deeper understanding of their personal and social responsibilities.

Sociology (BA/BS)

Explore the complexities of human behavior, social structures, and the dynamics that shape our world. With a blend of theoretical frameworks, empirical research, and critical analysis, delve into topics ranging from inequality and social justice to culture and globalization.

Theatre (BA/BS)

Our program equips you with acting techniques and skills, theatrical presentation, direction, production and management of theatre operations and insight on modern theatre and theatre of varying cultures which will prepare you for careers in acting, design, technology management, production, theatre management, education and sound management.

Theatre (BA/BS) Teaching Emphasis

Our program equips you with the acting, directing and production skills needed for the high school classroom. You’ll take courses in stage management, theatre operations, costume design and lighting. Gain insight into modern theatre and theatre of varying cultures through our course offerings. Our combined theatre and education program prepares you for a career in teaching. You’ll take courses in pedagogy, learning processes and development, and classroom management. After completing a teaching residency, you’ll be certified to teach theatrical arts at the secondary level (grades 7-12).

Visual Communication (BFA) Art Direction Emphasis

The concentration in Art Direction prepares students for professional positions as creative team leaders who target specific market audiences and produce client branding, single ads or campaigns in print, broadcast and interactive media. Courses in art direction and advertising emphasize the development of concepts from infancy through the finished product. The Art Direction student gains proficiency in creating headlines, copy, layout and storyboarding. All visual communication courses above the sophomore level are taught at A&M-Commerce in Dallas.

Visual Communication (BFA) New Media Emphasis

The concentration in New Media pairs creative thinking and refined design skills with computer-based multimedia and motion design. Students study a variety of media including motion graphics, animation, video, gaming concepts, interactive web, and mobile apps to become innovative multimedia designers. A broad understanding of software applications and the concepts underlying them give students the capacity to stay current in this evolving field of Visual Communication. All visual communication courses above the sophomore level are taught at A&M-Commerce in Dallas.

Applied Linguistics (MA/MS) TESOL Emphasis

As a student in the Applied Linguistics program, you will engage in cutting-edge pedagogical and research strategies with others who are pursuing careers in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Whether you choose this field as a primary or complementary discipline, this program will prepare you for a variety of careers including teaching at the university level or teaching English as a second language abroad.

Art (MFA) Visual Communication Emphasis

The advanced degree with an emphasis in visual communication centers on meeting the needs of practicing professionals in the expanding field of visual communication who aspire to achieve a higher level of proficiency in creative innovation, design professional practice and design leadership. The program explores creative process innovation; design professional practice leadership, strategy, process and product; and creative marketing promotion grounded in a social and business perspective. Courses for this degree are taught at A&M-Commerce in Dallas.

English (MA/MS)

Our Master of Arts in English is designed for students who, upon completion, demonstrate a foreign language proficiency while the Master of Science in English is for students without foreign language focus.

English (PHD) Applied Linguistics Emphasis

The Ph.D. in English is designed for students wishing to teach in community or four-year colleges and universities. It stresses both substantive knowledge of the various divisions within the field of English and an extensive introduction to the profession, including classroom teaching, tutoring and computer-assisted instruction. The degree requires that each candidate serve as a teaching assistant.

English (PHD) Rhetoric and Composition Emphasis

The Ph.D. in English is designed for students wishing to teach in community or four-year colleges and universities. It stresses both substantive knowledge of the various divisions within the field of English and an extensive introduction to the profession, including classroom teaching, tutoring and computer-assisted instruction. The degree requires that each candidate serve as a teaching assistant.

History (MA/MS)

You will have the opportunity for advanced study in historical interpretation, historical theory and research methods. Earning your master's degree in history opens doors in academia, nonprofit, education and government.

Music (MM)

Students in the Master of Music program choose either an emphasis in performance (applied music or conducting) or music education. The M.M. with an emphasis in performance develops specific music skills and abilities to a high degree in the fields of instrumental and vocal performance and conducting. The M.M. with an emphasis in music education focuses on teacher training at the elementary and secondary levels.

Sociology (MS)

The Master’s in Sociology at A&M-Commerce is designed to meet the needs of those pursuing public service careers, community college teaching opportunities, careers in research, administrative careers in both the public and private sectors, as well as preparing students for more advanced graduate work in sociology.

Spanish Language Teaching (MA)

The main goals of this degree program are to prepare Spanish language professionals who will become language instructors in high schools and/or community colleges, and to provide a strong foundation in Spanish literature and linguistics for those interested in pursuing a PhD in the areas of Spanish literature or Hispanic linguistics. Some of the classes we offer include: foreign language methodology, advanced writing, children's literature, and Spanish and Latin American literature and cinema.

Theatre (MA)

Students can focus on the following topics: acting, lighting, modern theatre, theatre history, theatrical design, directing, management, playwriting, theatre pedagogy and theory. We provide our students with an easy admission process, access to scholarships and graduate assistantships, individualized attention from award-winning faculty and a flexible combination of online and face-to-face instruction. A&M-Commerce is the only A&M System university that offers this degree.

Criminal Justice Management Graduate Certificate

This certificate is designed to attract student practitioners seeking to advance within the decision-making and leadership roles within their field. The courses in this plan focus on management and policy issues. This certificate is ideal for you if you wish to specialize in management issues, such as evaluating, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting and budgeting.

Homeland Security Graduate Certificate

This certificate is designed to attract members outside traditional criminal justice fields. Through this program, you will gain a broad understanding of homeland security issues while enhancing leadership capabilities among those who currently work in local, state and federal government and others who are interested in gaining greater knowledge about the field of homeland security. This certificate focuses on homeland security concepts, applicable management principles, policy analysis and the enhancement of critical thinking skills necessary to successfully address security challenges within the United States.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Graduate Certificate

This certificate is ideal for students who either already hold a completed graduate degree or are actively in the process of earning a graduate degree and wish to earn this certificate in conjunction with their degree. In addition to the enhanced professional status that the Certificate in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) brings, this Certificate will enable the holder to meet the 18-hour SACS requirement to teach at the College level.



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