Submit an Application

An application for a grant or contract is considered an agreement between the university and an external entity. Therefore an application must be submitted by staff of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and not the individual who is proposing the project. Note: If a sponsor’s guidelines specifically indicate that the funds of an awarded application will be given to or administered by an individual, please notify the OSP to confirm whether the application should be submitted by the individual.

Who does what?

Individual who is proposing the project:

1. Writes any and all narrative portions of an application – assistance is available in the form of boiler plates, templates, sample proposals, external reviews, and in some cases grant writing services – See Develop a Proposal Narrative

2. Identifies budget items that will be needed for the project – for guidance see Develop a Proposal Budget

3. Completes the required application documents to meet both internal and external deadlines shown below:

  • OSP internal review – at least 4 days prior to sponsor’s submission deadline
  • University internal approvals - at least 4 days prior to sponsor’s submission deadline
  • Sponsor’s submission deadline

4. Initiates internal approvals for the proposal in Maestro

OSP Staff:

1. Can prepare the application forms and compile application packages

2. Can assist in preparing the budget documents

3. Can assist with the internal routing process in Maestro

4. Review the application and all documents against the sponsor’s specific guidelines to help ensure the application follows the guidelines of the sponsor and federal, state, and System regulations.

5. Submits the application on behalf of the applicant

List of Items Needed In Order to Submit an Application

1. All required  application documents – see the specific sponsor guidelines to find what documents are required

For assistance developing some of the required documents see the following webpages

     Develop a Proposal Narrative

     Develop a Proposal Budget

     Resources – tools, templates, and data

2. An  internal review from OSP – submit application documents for review at least 4 days prior to sponsor’s application submission deadline.

3. All required internal approvals in Maestro -A proposal is routed electronically for internal approvals via Maestro. The proposal must be approved in Maestro by the following personnel and in the following order: Applicant, Department Head, College Dean, and VP for Research.  For collaborators from different departments, each person's department head and dean will be included in the routing process.  Please understand that this does take more time to make it through the routing process.

Guidance for initiating routing in Maestro

Guidance for approving a proposal in Maestro

Recommended Road to Submission