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The Quail Research Laboratory at A&M-Commerce is an internationally recognized hub for quail research. Established in 2013 by founding director Dr. Kelly Reyna, the lab's mission is to discover solutions for sustainable quail populations through innovative research, education and collaboration.

Our focus is on quail population sustainability. What makes us unique is our comprehensive research spanning life stages from embryo to adult, our state-of-the-art laboratory where we can recreate environmental conditions and develop solutions for quail in the wild, and our population level research that occurs on our research stations across the country.

With the success of our research we are now building a new Super Quail facility as phase 1 on the Lyon Center for Gamebird Research.

Our Research

Our major research includes investigations into:

Quail Chick Development

Since 50-80% of quail adults die each year, and a quail’s lifespan is ~6 months, quail populations hinge on sustained quail chick production. Yet, that is the main cause of quail population decline in drought years. Accordingly, The Quail Research Laboratory is able to recreate field conditions in the lab to develop solutions for chick production in adverse conditions. We also develop the normal stages of development for various quail species and look at environmental pollutants and medicated feed on quail chick production and development. Learn More

Quail Research Station Program

Gamebird and quail populations are declining across the globe. Developing solutions for population sustainability is key to reversing these trends. The Quail Research Laboratory is unique in that our smallest research stations spans more than 500,000 acres. We image large-scale populations through innovative monitoring and provide results that explain observed mysteries of “where did all the quail go?” We have research stations in Montana, Kansas, California and Texas with comprehensive research into the impacts of climate, weather, management and other factors on a suite of upland gamebirds and waterfowl. Learn More

Our Facility

The Lyon Center for Gamebird Research

With the success of our research we are now building a new gamebird research and education facility thanks to a generous donation by Ted and Donna Lyon in 2023, with construction starting on phase 1 in 2024.

Gamebird buildings

A quail emerges from its shell.
(A quail emerges from its shell at the Quail Research Laboratory at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Photo by Matt Strasen | Texas A&M University-Commerce Office of Marketing and Communications)

You Can Help!

We thank you for your dedication to America’s greatest gamebirds. To support our quail research and establish a lasting legacy, please visit our Giving Page. Every gift counts!

For all questions and comments, contact Dr. Kelly Reyna.

Faculty and Student Researchers

Kelly Reyna, Ph.D.

My laboratory focus is on discovering practical solutions to modern quail and grassland bird problem…

Jeffrey Whitt, Ph.D.

Life on this planet is beautiful, bizarre, complicated, messy, confusing, disgusting, astonishing an…

Aujarai Ivy

Whether it’s an internship, an assignment for a class or just volunteering for a professor or gradua…

Tina Reichner

Since joining the quail team, I have noticed considerable growth in my confidence and public speakin…

Brooke Clifton

My dream job is working with other scientists performing studies and acts that ensure the continuati…

Laritza Tinajero

I could not be more grateful to be part of a great crew that has helped grow my passion for becoming…

Grace James

Choosing gamebird research has given me the opportunity to fully engage in my passion for this type …

Lexxi Godwin

Here, you will find a close-knit group of people who have a passion for quail and other gamebirds an…

Join Our Team

The Quail Research Laboratory is actively seeking highly motivated individuals that desire to work with quail. If you are interested in undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral research, contact Dr. Kelly Reyna [email protected].

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