biographical sketch

Creating a Biographical Sketch

Biographical sketches should follow the sponsor's guidelines.  Each sponsor has a set format for the information.  You MUST include all required elements in the document.  Watch for page limits.  Sponsor's will throw out your proposal if you do not follow the rules.  

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has designated the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) ScieENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) as an NSF-approved format and encourages faculty to use it to prepare all NSF and NIH biosketches.

National Institutes of Health

Samples, - Biosketches cannot exceed 5 pages per person.

NIH Article April 2, 2019 Looking for Help Developing Your Biosketch?

National Science Foundation (NSF)

PAPPG - Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide 2019 - See page 48 (II-14) for Biosketch information - Biosketches are limited to 2 pages per person.

NSF Biographical Sketch Sample

NSF Biographical Sketch Template

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