Get Your Driver’s License or Texas State Identification Card

ISSS Guide :: Driver's License & Texas State ID

Texas driver’s licenses and Texas state IDs are issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS). Any international student, scholar or dependent can apply for the Texas driver’s license and the Texas state ID and a verification of enrollment letter from the ISSS is no longer required to apply.

Get a Texas State Identification Card

Non-immigrants may apply for a Texas state identification card but this card will not grant permission for the individual to drive. The ID card is a nation-wide recognized form of identification for the card holder.

Get a Texas Driver's License

A Texas driver’s license is not only a document demonstrating authorization to drive but it is also a nationally accepted form of identification that can be used to prove your identity. The Texas State ID is only used as an identification card.

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 years of age are required to complete a driver education course and present the original certificate of completion at the driver license office.

A driver education course is not required for individuals who hold a valid driver license from another state or U.S. territory or from Canada, France, South Korea, or Germany.

Find a local Driver’s License Office.

Common Issues When Applying for a Driver's License

  • The Texas Department of Public Safety utilizes the SAVE System to verify a non-immigrants status when they apply for a Texas driver’s license or state ID.
    • Unfortunately, students may experience issues where they are told by DPS that they “cannot verify your status” or “your status needs to be updated.”‘
    • Students will often be referred to the ISSS but in almost all situations there is nothing our office can do to assist the student.
  • If you apply for a driver’s license and you are told denied you will need to email the following information to the ISSS at [email protected] with your CWID, Full Name and issue that you experienced.
    • Within a few business days (a business day is Monday through Friday) we will review your SEVIS record.
    • If your record is correct, active and updated there is nothing further the ISSS can do.
  • Students may take the following steps:
    • Contact USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 or 877-469-2563.
    • Request that the DPS office contact their SAVE representative to resolve the issue.
  • Please note that students in the following situations may experience issues when applying for a driver’s license:
    • New or transfer students who apply for a driver’s license prior to the start of their first semester at A&M-Commerce or prior to SEVIS registration by the ISSS.
    • Students who have filed for OPT or the OPT STEM Extension but have not been approved or have not received their EAD card.
    • Students on Cap Gap Extension whose H1-B petition is still pending and not approved by USCIS.

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