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ISS Guide :: International Students' Dependents

F-1 students planning to study at A&M-Commerce or currently studying at A&M-Commerce may invite their dependent(s) to the U.S. during their studies as an F-2 dependent. A dependent is defined as the spouse and/or unmarried child (under the age of 21) on the F-1 student.

If you have applied to A&M-Commerce be sure to notify the ISSS if you will have any F-2 dependents with you during your studies at A&M-Commerce. Students holding an F-1 visa who want to bring their dependent(s) to the U.S. will need to provide the following documentation to the ISSS:

  • Copy of passport for each dependent
  • Country of birth, country of citizenship, country of residence, date of birth, city of birth and relationship for each dependent
  • Updated financial support: If the current financial information on record with the ISSS is more than one year old the F-1 student will need to provide updated financial support to show funding for at least one year of study ($26000 graduate, $28000 undergraduate). The F-1 student will also need to show an additional $3000 per dependent.
  • Copy of marriage license (translation to English required) if inviting spouse

F-2 dependents are not permitted to be employed either on-campus or off-campus while in the U.S.

Effective May 29, 2015, the Student Exchange Visitor Program will permit individuals in the F-2 visa to enroll on a part-time program even if the course of study done on a part-time basis lead toward or counts toward a degree or completion of a program.

  • Study as an F-2 may only be part-time (6 hours during the fall/spring, 3 hours per summer session).
  • F-2’s that have filed for a change of status to F-1 may not study full-time until their change of status has been approved by USCIS.

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