Registration Requirements

  • Up-to-date degree plan. Check with your assigned advisor if you have questions about your course progression. 
  • Verification of the completion of 10 personal counseling sessions in your file. See COUN 516 personal counseling requirements.  
  • 551/552 Application AND Field Site Form (to be completed by student and submitted each semester). Send these completed forms to the Clinical Coordinator at [email protected] EACH SEMESTER you enroll in 551 and 552.  
    • 551/552 Application. Helps the department plan for 551/552 course locations.
    • Student’s Field Site Information Form. Verifies the student’s site and supervisor contact information.
      • When NEW Clinical Mental Health Counseling sites are added (i.e., clinical placements not currently listed on the Approved Field Site List), the new site supervisor must also complete the Field Site Registration Form and submit it to the Clinical Coordinator at [email protected]
    • Practicum and Internship Orientation Form. This document should accompany your practicum and/or internship application EACH SEMESTER to verify that you are cognizant of all course requirements. 
  • A Special Note on Registration: Because we process clinical applications in the order they are received and make class assignments on a “first come, first serve” basis, students who get their 551/552 applications in early are processed first and have first choice of internship sections as a result. We assign students to sections of 551/552 on the “back end” and then release individual permits for registration for that specific course. It takes our department admins time to process all of these permits, so it may look like a course has seats available when in actuality all 12 of those slots are promised to another student.

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