Department of Residential Living and Learning

Prospective Students

Living on campus is an important part of the student experience at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  There are many educational and social benefits for students living in the residence halls. Students that live on campus for at least their first two years of college typically have higher GPAs, higher involvement in clubs and activities on campus, and are more likely to persist until graduation.

Two Year Live-On/Meal Plan Requirement
Texas A&M University-Commerce has a two year live-on requirement.  All full-time, first and second year undergraduate students, who enroll at the university within one year of high school graduation, are required to live on campus.  Residents that are in the two year live-on requirement are also required to have a meal plan. During the first year, the student must have the Unlimited or 19 meal plan. For the second year, the student may choose any meal plan available to on-campus residents.

Housing Requirement Exemption
A Commuter Authorization will be honored if a first year student is living with a parent or legal guardian within a 50 mile or less than one hour drive time from campus. Once a student enters a housing contract during their first year, they may not complete the Commuter Request for their second year.

Exemption requests for first year students, who are recent high school graduates, who are married, have children, are over 21, or who have other extenuating circumstances can be made through the Contract Release Request.  Please do not sign a lease off-campus until you have submitted your request and received approval.

The Commuter Authorization Request and Contract Release Request are located in the housing portal found in myLEO.


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