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Darrion Culler
Community Director of Phase II

  • Staff
Residential Living and Learning
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Hopkinsville, KY
College Major
Computer Science
Year Graduated

How I Can Help You?

I cultivate a learning environment through the use of student leaders such as resident assistants and desk assistants that manage student services in the hall while addressing maintenance issues and educational programming. I also assist as a mentor to help students navigate life while living in the residence halls and college in general.

A Conversation with Darrion

What do you like most about your career?

I enjoy the diversity of students. I am able to to contact students in a low stress environment and offer support to the student on academics and other issues.

What is your favorite campus housing memory?

My favorite campus housing memory is the RA Olympics. We were able to have fun with the resident assistants before the school year began while still instilling the value of teamwork.

What do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy going to the movies. I like the relaxing immergence into the screen and the only thing I have to focus on is what is happening then and there. I am able to get away from everything else.

Educational Background

Professional Memberships

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