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Peter Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

  • Faculty
Educational Leadership
Young Education North 113
Related Department

Peter Williams, Ph.D., has 35 years of experience teaching adults in various contexts including English as a second language in Honduras, literacy education in correctional education and leadership research in doctoral programs. He ran his own consulting business, has held leadership roles in higher education, and since 2009 has mentored doctoral students. He enjoys mentoring leaders, roasting and drinking coffee, and spending time with family and friends. He is active in the International Leadership Association and the Academy of Human Resource Development.

Educational Background


Research Interests

  • Adult learning
  • Creating positive, hopeful organizational cultures
  • Online learning
  • Doctoral education
  • Social support, hope, thriving
  • Leading in spiritually diverse contexts

Selected Publications

  • Salcedo, A., Williams, P., Elias, S., *Perez, J., and *Valencia, M. (2022). Future direction in HRD: The potential of testimonio as an approach to perturb the dominant practices in the workplace. European Journal of Training and Development, Online first.
  • Templeton, N.R. & Williams, P. (2022). Leading through crisis with the power of hope. Texas Study of Secondary Education 31(2) 13-16
  • Tucker, L .J. & Williams, P. E. (2021). Abrasive leaders who changed: learning from their experience, Personnel Review, 50(7/8) 1632-1646.
  • Allen, S., Williams, P., & Crowson, H. M. (2020). Undergraduate students' perceptions of learning about leadership in multi-faith workplaces. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 17(5) 1-20.
  • Allen, S., & Williams, P. (2020). Teaching management, spirituality, and religion: AndrĂ© Delbecq as a pioneer. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 17(1), 37-44.
  • Rademaker, L., Self, J. S, & Williams, P. (Hosts). (2020-present). Doc101 [Audio podcast].
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