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Zaidy MohdZain is passionate about the global education and applicability of counseling concepts across national boundaries and cultures, especially on issues such as family well-being, crisis interventions, prevention efforts and the like. To each of his students, he brings this passion and knowledge through embedding the latest research findings and current professional standards of practice. Dr. MohdZain also incorporates over 30 years of teaching core and specialty curriculum in counselor education at various universities and being a clinical counseling professional serving rural areas in the Midwest of the USA.

A Conversation with Dr. Zaidy MohdZain

What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending A&M-Commerce?

My faculty colleagues and I are preparing you, our students, to be our future professional colleagues. While in the program of study, we socialize you to the profession of counseling by nurturing and training you to be effective and ethical members of the counseling profession.

What do you like most about your career?

Nurturing and mentoring new members of the counseling profession. To see them prosper and bloom professionally is a blessing and very intrinsically rewarding.



  • Professor, Department of Counseling, Texas A&M University–Commerce, 2018–Present
  • Professor and Department Head, Department of Counseling, Texas A&M University–Commerce, 2018
  • Dean and Professor, Southern Arkansas University, 2008–2018
  • Chair and Professor, Educational Leadership and Counseling Department, Southeast Missouri State University, 1997-2008
  • Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Delta State University, 1993-1997

Selected Publications

  • Henricks, L., Reysen, S., MohdZain, Z., Kelly, M., Oliveira, J., Dang, Q. (2020). Student satisfaction: Importance of civility and University identification predictors, Journal of International Research in Higher Education, 5 (4). (peer-reviewed)
  • Oliveira, J. T., Hendricks, L., MohdZain, Z., and Hudson, L., (2020). Student engagement: Universities initiatives to promote student community engagement. Journal of Interdisciplinary Education, 16 (1), 157- 169. (peer-reviewed).
  • Miller, J.E.K., Hendricks, L., and MohdZain, Z. (2020). A study of the impact of a Civil Rights tour of Mississippi and Tennessee on the acquisition of Civil Rights knowledge and knowledge of self. Journal of Education and Human Development, 9(3), 1-12. (peer-reviewed)
  • Hendricks, L., Reysen, S., Oliveira, J. T., Tietjen-Smith, T., MohdZain, Z., and Dang, Q. (2020). Religious orientation mediates relationship between religious identification and multiple dimensions of wellbeing. National FORUM Journal of Counseling and Addiction, 9(1),1-12. (peer-reviewed).
  • Ng, K. M., Loy, J. T. C., MohdZain, Z., & Cheong, E. (2013). Gender, race, adult attachment, and marital satisfaction among Malaysians. The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 21(2), 198-207. (peer-reviewed)
  • MohdZain, A. Z, (2011). Working with Asian Immigrant Families. In A. Zagelbaum and J. Carlson (Eds.) Working with Immigrant Families: A practical guide for counselors. (pp.121- 135). New York: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

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