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Get Expert Care from On-Campus MEdical Professionals

Your heath is important to us! As a student, you have access to affordable healthcare through Student Health Services. While you are enrolled, you may see our medical provider for free. We treat a wide variety of issues including acute care and injuries, allergy injections, birth control, physical exams, women’s health, STIs and more.

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Student Health Services :: On- & Off-Campus Services

On-Campus Services

COVID-19 Testing

A free COVID-19 test will be administered to you if you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have had direct exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, per CDC and Texas A&M University-Commerce guidelines. Before receiving a test, you must book an appointment and complete a testing consent form. Student Health Services must have both of these on record before you can be tested.

STEP 1: Complete the consent form for testing. If you do not have your consent form completed by your appointment time, you will have to reschedule the appointment.

STEP 2: To book your testing appointment at Student Health Services, begin by going to the Free COVID-19 Testing page and follow the instructions. When booking your appointment, faculty/staff members should use their UIN and students should use their CWID.

COVID-19 tests will be performed on campus at Student Health Services, located at Henderson Hall, 1504 Lee St. Commerce, TX 75428. There will be a walk-up and drive-thru option for testing outside of Student Health Services. When you arrive for your appointment, please make sure to wear a face mask and have your appointment reference number and photo ID readily available.

The COVID-19 tests have switched to shallow nasal swabs but are still PCR tests which take 24 to 72 hours to receive results. The new instructions on how to perform the test can be found at .

If you have any questions regarding how to book your appointment, please contact Student Health Services at 903.886.5853 or 903.886.5847.

Services We Offer

Student Health Services offers affordable health care to A&M-Commerce students. We provide primary health care services including:

  • Acute Care and Injuries
  • Allergy Injections
  • Birth Control
  • EKG’s
  • Immunizations, Flu shots, TB Testing
  • Labs
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Physical Exams
  • Splints
  • STD/STI Testing and Treatment
  • Stitches
  • Wart Treatment
  • Women’s Health
  • Minor Wound Care
  • Diabetic and Smoking Cessation Classes
  • Health Related Presentations and Workshops
  • Free Condoms

Notice of Privacy Practices

For influenza vaccine, please call our office at 903-886-5853 .

Make an Appointment

Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 8:20 a.m.-4:00 p.m. We are closed from 12-1 p.m. Students are encouraged to make appointments to cut down on wait times, however, we will do our best to see walk-in patients. We have a limited number of walk-in slots and walk-in patients will be worked into the schedule after or between appointments if availability and time permit.

Injections will be given Monday – Friday 8:15-11:00 a.m. and 1:15-4:00 p.m. Students will be required to wait a minimum of 20 minutes after receiving the injection; this is a mandatory wait time, failure to comply will result in denial of future injections so please plan accordingly.

To make an appointment, call 903.886.5853 or visit the Patient Portal. CWID and Password are required to make an appointment.

New incoming students should complete their health history and upload their supporting documentation on the portal.

Existing students can:

  • Manage appointments.
  • Obtain lab results
  • Send a secure message to the provider
  • Access Immunization Record
  • View billing statements

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call Student Health Services as soon as possible so another patient will have the opportunity to see the medical provider. Your appointment time is reserved especially for you so please make every effort to be here on time. There is $10 no-show fee if you fail to show up.

Student Health Services Guidance

Usage of Services

A&M-Commerce students who are currently enrolled may use Student Health Services for free. There are additional charges for labs, x-rays, minor procedures, etc.

Students must be enrolled in the current semester to be seen by the provider. View our Guidelines for Students for more information.


Student Health Services currently accepts following insurances:

If you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for additional charges such as x-rays and labs.

We do recommend that you carry health insurance for any emergency, specialty or major health needs for which Student Health Services does not provide care.

Here are a few things to be sure to think about when considering health insurance. Some insurance plans terminate when: (1) the student reaches the age of attainment on a parent’s policy, meaning that they are no longer covered, (2) the student gets married, (3) the student becomes legally independent, or (4) the student is studying abroad. You should also consider coverage areas and provider availability.

Different sources provide health insurance to students. Sources of health insurance are:

  • Group insurance
  • Parent’s health insurance
  • Student’s individual policy
  • A Student Health Policy

The Texas A&M University System provides insurance. For information call, 1.877.624.7911.

*International students are required to have Health Insurance as well as Evacuation and Repatriation insurance.

Guidelines for Students


We encourage patients to make an appointment when wishing to be seen by Student Health Services staff. Call 903.886.5853 to make an appointment. Due to a limited number of appointments, appointments will usually be filled on a first come first served basis. During high volume times (i.e. flu or allergy season), non-urgent issues may be scheduled for a time when patient load is lower. These times will vary and Student Health Services staff will proceed accordingly. In order to allow sufficient time for your visit with the provider, when making your appointment, we ask you to provide a brief description of your reason for your visit. Incorrect time allotment or visit description may require your appointment to be rescheduled.


If you cannot make your appointment, you are encouraged to call to reschedule or cancel the appointment. You may cancel your appointment by calling SHS at 903.886.5853. To avoid the no-show fee ($10), you need to call least two hours before your scheduled appointment. You may leave a message with your CWID#, name and date and time of your appointment.

Missed Appointments/Late Arrivals

Once the appointment time has passed by five minutes or more, you will be considered a no-show. No-show appointments will be charged a $10 fee. If you arrives five minutes or later for your appointment, your status will change to no-show and you may incur a no-show fee. It is left to the discretion of the provider, based on the nature of your medical concern and the schedule of the provider, if you can be worked into the schedule. We recommend you arrive five to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to check in properly and have all of the appropriate paperwork updated and given to the correct staff. If three appointments are missed, you will need to meet with the Administrative Staff of Student Health Services to determine if you will be able to schedule future appointments.


Walk-ins are welcome and Student Health Services will do their best to have you seen in a timely manner. Patients are prioritized based on level of acuity and there are a limited number of appointments reserved for same day sick appointments. During times of high clinic usage, such as flu or allergy season, there may be significant wait time for walk-in appointments. Those that walk-in with non-urgent issues during busy times may be asked to make an appointment and come back at a later time/date.


Student Health Services currently accepts following insurance:

  • Student Health Insurance
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • United HealthCare
  • Aetna Health Insurance.

Students may use their health insurance for any and all visits. Students who do not currently have health insurance will be responsible for fees incurred for services. We currently accept cash, Lion Cash, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). Students with a remaining balances including the late fee will be turned over to the Bursar’s office for collection resulting in failure to graduate or register for classes.


There is a limited number of parking places located directly in front of the Health Center, in Henderson Hall. Faculty/staff parking and student parking is also located close to the front of Henderson Hall, in parking lot J.

For students with injuries or medical conditions that limit mobility, Student Health Services can complete a form requesting a temporary accessible parking pass from University Police. You must be seen by the physician assistant in order to have the form completed. Student Health Services is not responsible for filing the form or taking it to the cashier’s window, located in the Business Administration Building.

Information for Parents

Due to privacy laws, once the child has turned 18 we can no longer discuss any aspect of their medical care. Your student must come to the Health Center and personally inquire about their medical records and bills.

Class Excuses

Student Health Services will not provide class excuses. Students will be required to work with their instructor(s) in regards to their absence(s). Each patient is given a receipt and a Discharge Summary upon payment for services; however, this is not a class excuse and is solely for insurance purposes should the student choose to file a claim. Students are encouraged to communicate with their instructors if they are going to miss class for any reason.

Medical Records

Medical records will be kept for ten years after the last date the patient was serviced by Student Health Services.
Student Health Services is in compliance with all federal and state guidelines regarding your medical records. Your medical record and the information you share with the doctors or staff is confidential.


We highly value the privacy of all our patients and use strict confidentiality when addressing your health needs and information. Personal health information may be disclosed during the course of your conversation/treatment at Student Health Services. Therefore, we recommend that you see the nurse/provider by yourself, rather than bringing a friend/family member into the examination room with you. Friends/family members may use our waiting room during your visit with the provider or SHS team member. Secure TAMUC WiFi is available in the waiting room.

Lab Work

All lab work will be performed between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Tuberculosis tests will be performed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Students must return to the Health Center 48 to 72 hours after the administration of the test to have the results read.

Lab Results

Wait time for lab test results vary depending on the test performed. Students will be notified via phone, text message or e-mail when their lab results are ready. Students must return to the Health Center to pick up their results. A copy of your results will be given to you upon returning to the Health Center.

Prescription Refills

Students need to be under the current care of Student Health Services in order to be eligible to receive a prescription refill. Patients will need to contact their pharmacy to have a refill request sent to our office. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for all refill request.

Prescription of Contraceptives

New patients will be required to have a consultation with the medical provider prior to receiving a prescription. If possible, please bring previous Pap results/treatments/results with you or have a copy of records sent/faxed to SHS before your appointment .

Allergy Injections

Student Health Services will administer allergy injections to students. Those who wish to have their injections given at the Health Center will be required to provide the following:

  • a request for administration of immunotherapy at an outside medical facility
  • serum along with a current EpiPen
  • patient’s must have their initial dose with their current allergist(Student Health Services will not administer initial dose)
  • current injection administration records from allergists

Injections will be given Monday-Friday between 8:15-11:00 a.m. and 1:15-4:00 p.m. Students will be required to wait a minimum of 20 minutes after receiving the injection; this is a mandatory wait time, failure to comply will result in denial of future allergy injections so please plan accordingly.

Prescription of Narcotics

The state of Texas allows Pas and NPs limited prescription authority for scheduled III-V medications. Any situation requiring more extensive use of narcotics will be referred to a pain specialist or specialty clinic.

Privacy Statement and Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We at A&M-Commerce Student Health Services are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care. Maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality is a standard that is upheld by all of our employees. Our staff is bound by state and federal laws regarding the disclosure of a patient’s personal health information (PHI).

We will not disclose PHI to deans, professors, other university staff, parents or other parties without your written consent, unless there is a serious danger to you or someone else. In the event of an emergency situation requiring hospitalization where it is impossible to obtain a student’s permission, the parent or legal guardian will be notified.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Medical Release Form

Health Prevention and Emergency Preparedness

The CDC recommends that people should take everyday preventive actions at home and work, including:

  • Prevention activities
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.
    • If possible, stay home from work, school and errands when you are sick. You will help prevent others from catching your illness.
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick.
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
    • Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose or mouth.
    • Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids and eat nutritious food.
    • To prevent the spread of influenza virus it is important to keep surfaces (especially bedside tables, surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen counters and toys for children) clean by wiping them down with a household disinfectant according to directions on the product label.
  • Preparation activities
    • Create an emergency preparedness kit.
    • Make a plan with your families and loved ones.
    • Stay informed.

Below are a few websites that will provide information of the H1N1 influenza and the recent developments with it.

Emergency and After Hours Services


For any health emergencies requiring an ambulance, call 911 (on or off campus).

Be sure to give your name, the exact location of the emergency, the phone number you are calling from and the nature of the injury or illness. Also, answer any questions the dispatcher may ask in order to give the ambulance crew necessary information.

Here is a list of situations that need emergency response by qualified professionals. This list is not a comprehensive list:

  • Serious bleeding
  • Unconsciousness
  • Chest pain or possible heart attack
  • Possible stroke
  • Seizures
  • Serious burns
  • Neck or back injuries
  • Difficulty breathing or no breathing
  • Choking
  • Possible broken bones
  • Chest and abdominal injuries

There are 24-hour emergency rooms at the following local hospitals listed below. Do not call the numbers listed below for an emergency. You need to call 911 in an emergency.

Hunt Regional Hospital at Commerce

2900 Sterling Hart Dr
Commerce, TX 75428

Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville

3003 Joe Ramsey Blvd. Suite C
Greenville, Texas 75401

Hunt Regional Quick+Care

8110 Wesley Street in Traders’ Crossing in Greenville
Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Sunday: Noon-8 p.m.
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas

After Hours Services

Call 911 to be connected with the police who can help you get emergency services or the University Police (UPD) at 903.886.5111.

Off-Campus Services

Clinics Near By

Live Oak Professional Center

1705 Live Oak St.
Commerce, TX 75428

Cooper Community Clinic/Carevide

91 West Side Square
Cooper, TX 75432

Greenville Community Health Clinic/Carevide

4311 Wesley St.
Greenville, TX 75401

Ladonia Community Clinic

8 E Side Plz.
Ladonia, TX 75449

Quick Care – Hunt Regional

8110 Wesley St. Suite 100
Greenville, TX 75402

Baylor Scott & White Primary Care Associates – Greenville

4400 I-30 West Suite 100
Greenville, TX 75402

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