Lucky is a powerful university ambassador whose presence at university events adds excitement and school spirit. The Lucky costume is available for use at approved events through the Office of Student Engagement.

Reserving Lucky

Lucky must be reserved one week in advance. To reserve the Lucky costume, visit the Student Involvement Suite (RSC 269) and fill out a reservation form or call 903.468.3123. The requesting department must pick up Lucky from the Student Involvement Suite.

Acceptable Use

The Lucky suit may only be used

for official university programs, groups and organizations.

for university-approved activities.

in association with content that aligns with the university's values.

for the event stated on the reservation form.

The Lucky suit may not be used to

promote political messages, causes or parties.

promote messages that are inappropriate or contradict the university's values.

Wearing the Lucky Suit

  • Only the student, staff or faculty member designated on the approved authorization form is allowed to wear the Lucky suit.
  • The suit is design for a person between the height of 5'10” and 6'3″ and have a waist of 31”-33”. Anyone under this height will cause the arms and legs to be excessively bunched.
  • The suit wearer must always keep Lucky's head, gloves and feet on in public.
  • The Lucky suit is heavy and hot. It should not be worn for long periods of time.
  • Before the event, the suit wearer should designate a safe room where the costume may be discreetly removed, if needed, so the wearer can rest and cool off. The safe room should be in a private or semi-private location so Lucky is not seen without his head. The wearer should also designate an assistant to help navigate to the safe room, if needed.
  • Wearers must be mindful that the suit limits their visibility, grip and range of motion. As a result, props should be used cautiously and must be listed on the reservation form.

Putting on the Lucky Suit

You may need a helper for some of these steps.

  1. Step into the jumpsuit and pull up to your waist.
  2. Slide the feet on by grabbing the loop on the back of the neoprene bootie to help guide your foot inside. The pants should overlap the top of the feet.
  3. Put on the tail. The tuft of hair should point down at the ground.
  4. Put on the chest. The zipper goes in the back.
  5. Switch the fan on if desired and lower the head on with one hand holding the chin strap forward. The fan's battery pack should remain in the battery bag with the switch facing out. You can feel the switch through the front of the bag to flip it on and off.
  6. Put on the gloves. The sleeves should overlap the gloves.
  7. Pull the jumpsuit up under the mane then close it up the back. The back of the mane should lie straight and untucked in a V shape, not tucked in or rounded.


The fan takes one 9V battery. To change the battery, simply pull the battery pouch away from the Velcro, open the pouch and disconnect the battery terminal. Be careful not to pull too hard or you will risk damaging the wires.

Lucky's Attire

  • Lucky must always wear a shirt and shorts. His university-branded clothing is provided. It has been tailored to fit a suit wearer who meets the recommended measurements.
  • Any other clothing to be worn by Lucky (like football or basketball uniforms) must
    • be limited to special occasions.
    • be the proper size (3XL shirt and 2XL shorts).
    • fit him properly, meaning no excessive bagginess, length or tightness.
    • have a hole sewn into the back of the shorts for his tail.
    • be disclosed on the reservation form and pre-approved.
  • If Lucky wears a t-shirt with shorts or a Lion Athletics uniform with shorts, the top must be tucked in. The waist band should sit below the bottom of the vest that is worn under the suit, and the shirt should be pulled out enough to cover the waist band.
  • Any accessories to be worn by Lucky must be disclosed on the reservation form and pre-approved.

Lucky's Behavior

  • Mascots are non-verbal. The person in the Lucky suit must refrain from speaking.
  • The person in the Lucky suit should accurately showcase Lucky's personality through gestures and actions. As a representation of the A&M-Commerce brand, Lucky is heroic, and his personality is friendly, courageous, confident, strong, ambitious and compassionate.
  • Suggested activities for Lucky include
    • flashing the Lucky Lion hand sign.
    • posing for photos.
    • giving high-fives.
    • doing simple dances.
    • encouraging positive interactions through movement.

Returning the Lucky Suit

  • When not in use, the suit should be stored in the bag provided. The contents should include head, body, two feet, two gloves, tail, vest, gold shorts, blue shorts, blue shirt, white shirt and instruction packet.
  • If worn for less than a day,
    • Lucky's clothing should be laundered.
    • the Lucky suit should be aired out to dry.
    • the inside of the suit should be sprayed with Febreeze. Do not soak Lucky; a wet Lucky suit is stinky and unhygienic.
    • the Lucky suit should be returned within 24 hours.
  • If worn for more than a day,
    • Lucky's clothing should be laundered.
    • the Lucky suit must be dry cleaned and returned as soon as possible. Country Cleaners in Commerce is our preferred dry cleaner. Please let us know that you took Lucky to the dry cleaner so we can schedule him accordingly. Do not attempt to launder Lucky in a washer or dryer.
  • If Lucky is returned with damage, the student, faculty, department or organization who reserved him will be responsible for the cost to replace the Lucky suit.
  • If Lucky is not returned within the required timeframe indicated on the reservation form, the student, faculty, department or organization will lose the privilege to reserve Lucky for the remainder of the year.

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