What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are an unconscious set of patterns or ideas we use to understand ourselves and the people around us. Anything capable of taking on a persona or personality fits into an archetype. Archetypes are categorization tools. They make character traits relatable by fitting them into universal behavioral categories.

Archetypes in Branding

Archetypes personify our brand, which allows our audience to relate to A&M-Commerce in a similar way they might relate to a person. When consumers connect deeply to a brand, they become more than customers; they become advocates.

Lion face.
Personify our brand

Lion heart.
Create deep connections
Lions hands around heart.
Make us relatable
Create brand advocates

Our Archetype:

The Hero

A&M-Commerce Lion archetype.

The Hero Profile

Through feedback from campus faculty, staff and students, we determined that the hero archetype best fits who we are collectively as A&M-Commerce Lions. Keep reading to learn more about the hero archetype.

  • Seeks out challenges
  • Arises after recognizing an injustice or problem
  • Overcomes adversity to accomplish greatness
  • Earns respect and accolades along the journey, as an underdog
  • Views oneself as an “average Joe”
  • Embraces risk and change
  • Sacrifices oneself for the cause
  • Thinks quickly

  • Restore and make the world a better place
  • Be strong and competent
  • Prove one’s worth
  • Pursue lifelong personal growth and transformation
  • Leave a legacy
  • Protect, inspire, motivate and challenge others

  • Weakness and vulnerability
  • Failing to have what it takes to persevere and prevail

  • Any place or situation where difficulties or challenges demand action

Hero Consumers

Hero consumers mirror the characteristics of the hero archetype. They consider themselves heroes or desire to become heroes. They often see themselves as good, moral people and are naturally attracted to brands that demonstrate their beliefs. A hero consumer judges a brand not only on its product offerings but also on the strength of the brand's character and values.

Hero Brands

Hero brands bring out the best in people, helping them perform at their upper limits and boost effectiveness. A&M-Commerce’s education and services are provided by heroes for heroes. At A&M-Commerce, we help heroes make a difference.

Example Hero Brands and Characters

Nike logo.
Gatorade logo.
U.S. Army logo.
U.S. Army
FedEx logo.
Red Cross.
Red Cross
Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Series.
Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games Series

Harry Potter from the Harry Potter Series.
Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series

Simba from the Lion King.

The Lion King

Personality Keywords

Brand personality refers to how our brand is personified with a set of human traits and characteristics.

  • DETERMINED: persistent, relentless, unwavering
  • HEROIC: self-sacrificing, bold, protective
  • BRAVE: courageous, selfless, fearless
  • CONFIDENT: sure, decisive, optimistic
  • PROUD: independent, dignified, uplifting
  • DRIVEN: ambitious, goal-oriented, motivated
  • COMPETITIVE: achiever, self-controlled, prepared
  • STRONG: powerful, tough, sturdy
  • SUPPORTIVE: invested, compassionate, encouraging
  • DISCIPLINED: educated, self-controlled, prepared
  • FOCUSED: undistracted, dedicated, alert
  • AMBITIOUS: aspiring, seeking, hopeful

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