Our Brand Defines Our Unique Identity

Our brand is more than a logo. It's the feeling we leave behind when a prospective student heads home after their first campus tour or finishes a phone call with a financial aid counselor. It's each email response to a current student who needs help. It's our personality as an institution and the quality and reputation of the educational experience we provide. Simply put, it's the sum of every individual's perception and experience when they interact with us.

Social Media Presence

All social media sites bearing the university’s name or trademarks or otherwise used as official departmental accounts must uphold the integrity of our university’s digital presence and comply with state regulations.

We’re here to help! Register your social media account with the Office of Marketing and Communications, and we will help you stay compliant.

Download the Brand Guidelines

We have created two versions of the guidelines to help you deliver on our brand. The quick guide covers the most common topics of our brand such as logos, university nomenclature, fonts, color palette and more. The comprehensive guide includes the same information, but goes more in-depth into those and other areas of our brand such personality, additional logos, design assets, logo use examples, web guidelines and more. To request a printed version, email [email protected].

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