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The typefaces chosen to represent A&M-Commerce are functional, bold and confident. Follow these guidelines when using them:

  • HEADLINE FONTS can be used in publications for primary titles, headlines and subheads. If you choose a bold headline weight, balance it out with a subhead in a lighter weight and vice versa.
  • DECORATIVE FONTS should be used sparingly and are for accent use only. They should not be used on sentences, long phrases, headlines or subheads.
  • BODY FONTS are used for the main copy of a publication. This can include bullets, paragraphs and other detailed information.

All of these fonts are available through your Adobe Creative Cloud Account (free to all university employees and students).

Headline Fonts

Din Family (Non-Condensed)

Headlines Din Font.

Additional Weights

Bree Serif Family

Headlines Bree Serif  Fonts.

Additional Weights

Decorative Fonts

Din Condensed Family

Decorative Din Condensed Family Fonts.

Additional Weights


Decoration Voltage family fonts

Additional Weights

Body Fonts

Din Regular

Body Din Regular Font.

Minion Regular*

Body Regular Minion Font.

*Consider the tone, purpose and audience of your message before choosing Minion as your body font. It is best used for formal or more elegant communications.

Brand Guidelines :: Up Next-Fonts

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