Licensing prevents unlicensed vendors, who aren't paying royalty fees, from using our logos. Approving vendors means we have the chance to review their products and artwork to prevent the sale of low-quality, offensive, vulgar or incorrectly branded products featuring TAMUC marks.


Working with outside vendors and retailers allows us to promote our brand outside of Commerce. It helps to raise our brand awareness and create a consistent image so that we are constantly at the top of our audience’s minds. Each product worn or used by a consumer is additional exposure for the university.


Licensed vendors who are selling products with our name must pay royalty fees to the university. This money directly supports programs and initiatives on campus. Support the university and use a licensed vendor.

Find or Become a Licensed Vendor

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Collegiate Licensing

Companies that want to produce A&M-Commerce branded merchandise for retail sale or internal use must get licensed through Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

Direct to Consumer License

Businesses that would sell less than $2,500 per year in licensed A&M-Commerce merchandise through methods such as websites, craft shows, events, etc. may be eligible to become a Direct to Consumer Vendor. No wholesales or sales to third-party retailers are permitted.

Intellectual Property Usage

Businesses that would like to utilize A&M-Commerce intellectual property including marks and logos for marketing and promotional purposes should contact the Office of Marketing and Communications or Lion Athletics to receive rights usage approval.

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