Approved University Nomenclature

The official university name may only be used:

  • In affiliation with official university programs, groups and organizations.
  • For university-approved activities.
  • In association with content that aligns with the university's values. References to drugs, alcohol and other inappropriate content are not permitted.

Referencing the University Name

Not Approved

Texas A&M University Commerce

Texas A&M Commerce

A&M Commerce



Texas A & M Commerce

Texas A & M University Commerce

Texas A & M-Commerce

A & M Commerce

TAM-U-C (verbal)


Texas A&M University-Commerce

Texas A&M-Commerce


TAMUC (informal)

T-A-M-U-C (verbal)

In publications for external audiences, always use “Texas A&M University-Commerce” on first reference and “A&M-Commerce” or “Texas A&M-Commerce” on second reference.

In publications for internal audiences, “A&M-Commerce” may be used on first reference.

Referencing the university by one of its previous names (ETSU, ETSC, ETSTC, ETSNC, ETNC) is not approved unless you are addressing alumni from that time period. When doing so, please seek approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The Texas A&M University-Commerce Bookstore is the only retail company authorized to sell merchandise with the East Texas State University name or vintage marks. Any merchandise using a previous name and intended for sale or giveaway must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Referencing the A&M SYSTEM

Not Approved


TAMU System

The Texas A & M University System

Texas A & M System


First reference: The Texas A&M University System

Second reference: A&M System or Texas A&M System

To prevent confusion in publications for external audiences, always use “the A&M System” or “Texas A&M System” on second reference, not just “system” alone.

In publications for internal audiences, the word “system” can be used alone on second reference. Lowercase “system” unless beginning a sentence.

Using the Registered Symbol

The full university name—Texas A&M University-Commerce—is legally registered in and protected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, so the registered symbol (®) must accompany it.

The registered symbol may be omitted if

  • It is too small to be readable.
  • The name is used for internal purposes.

Please reach out to the Office of Marketing and Communications at [email protected] if you have questions about when or how to use the registered symbol with the university’s name.

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