The Venture College Department is here to help you take control of your life, education and professional future through entrepreneurship. Open to all majors, we help you get connected to a community of like-minded students eager to collaborate, mentors ready to guide and game-changing capital needed to launch your idea and vision. So, what's stopping you?

Ready to become part of Venture College? All you need to do is reach out and you are in! By connecting with department staff, you will be able to learn about upcoming programming, easily book a meeting with expert mentors and find the necessary steps to earn funding and academic credit for your projects. Join Now!

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Fostering a value-creating community through innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development.

Lion's Fellowship Program

The Venture College Lion's Fellowship Program works with lion fellows to translate your ideas, personal dreams and professional goals into viable products and services that create value within your community!

Program Details:

  • Open to all A&M-Commerce students, faculty and staff of all majors and interests
  • Select reserved slots for high school and community college students interested in founding businesses, nonprofits, or commercialization of research and ideas
  • Project mentorship
  • Workshop programming
  • Strategic networking with industry professionals and investors
  • Career-changing seed funds and outside financial investment

To join the Venture College Lion's Fellowship Program, please complete the application to start your journey!

Global Silicon Valley Partnership

Did you know that Venture College has partnered with Global Silicon Valley, a leading EdTech venture Capital firm, through the GSV Startup Bootcamp? Learn more here!”

What can you do in Venture College?

Create a Side Hustle

Have that itch? Whether you’re taking senior portraits, selling coffee or DIY-ing on tiktok, come see how Venture College can help you take your side hustle to the next level or start a new one.

Pursue a Passion Project

Are you passionate about opening an art gallery, developing a new way to help underserved students get involved with STEM or just engineering some cool project with your friends? Come see how the resources at Venture College can help your passion!

A male and female wearing plastic caps looking at a laptop in front of a building

Build a Business

Do you have a vision for a business or service that you want to grow into your career? Come test your chops out in Venture College and let’s start making it happen.

Create an Applied Thesis

Want to create a unique thesis that isn’t only about writing a paper? Find funding and support to pursue a thesis that stands out from the crowd and has an impact in the real world!

Mentor Ambitious Students

Interested in working with creative, self motivated people? Whether as a speaker, mentor, volunteer or any other role, please reach out and we can find a way to make the best use of your talents.

Donate Today!

Interested in gifting to Venture College to help us continue providing life changing support to college students? Want to donate to specific project funds such as projects aimed at sustainability or funds to support female or minority founders? Reach out and let’s see how we can work together!

Lion’s Innovation Showcase

Come celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit at A&M University-Commerce! Every spring, the Lion Community comes together to showcase what we're made of through business and nonprofit pitches, fascinating presentations, musical performances and anything else that adds value to our community. This year’s showcase is April 19, 2024.

Showcase Details

  • Pitch Competition
  • Business Pitch, Non-Profit Pitch, Marketplace and Automation Challenge
  • Open to all students, faculty, staff and high school and community college students
  • Win up to $1,000 for your project, proposal or business.

Venture college fellowship

Ready to jump-start your idea? Enrollment in the Venture College Fellowship will help you launch your project by taking you through the steps – from ideas and opportunity identification, to networking, raising capital and how to launch your project in the real world.

Think you have what it takes? Complete the application, work the program and pitch at our networking night and Lion Innovation Showcase and you'll become eligible for all of the benefits offered by Venture College fellowship program including one-on-one mentorship, group learning and networking opportunities, seed funds awarded to worthy projects and real-world connection with venture capitalists who are ready to invest in something great. Sign up now!

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