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Venture College is here to help you take control of your life, education, and future through entrepreneurship. Open to all majors, we help you get connected to a community of like minded students, coaches ready to guide, and capital to launch your idea. So what’s stopping you?

Whether you already have an idea or need help finding what to commit your ambitions to, we help develop the skills, mindset, and connections to reach your goals.

Ready to become part of Venture College? All you have to do it join the Discord and you’re in! There you will be able to learn about upcoming events and boot-camps, easily book a meeting with expert mentors, and find the steps to get funding and academic credit for your projects. Join Now!

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Venture College :: Event calendar

Upcoming events

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Venture College :: What can you do in Venture College

What can you do in Venture College?

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Venture College :: What We Do

More than just business

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business -it’s about creating value. From educators running an after school program, college students creating a side hustle, or an engineer creating a gadget, the root of Venture College is a desire to solve problems and be creative in the ways we create value.

Lion’s Innovation Showcase

Come celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit at A&M University-Commerce. Every spring the Lion Community comes together to showcase what we’re made of. Open to all students, faculty, staff and high school youth. Come be part of an exhibition or competition in one of the categories of Business, Art, and Innovation for a chance to win cash prizes.


Ready to jump-start your idea? Over three weeks, turn your thought into a reality though the Venture College JumpStart program. Learn what it takes to create your Minimum Viable Product or (MVP); the seed that starts your business.

Think you have what it takes? Complete the program and pitch at our networking night and you’ll become eligible for a $200 cash prize to keep working on your idea. Sign up now! There are only 10 spots in this cohort and you don’t want to miss out!

Networking Nights

We want our students to excel. Meeting with industry leaders is one way we’re making this happen. Networking Nights enable our students to learn from industry experts. Students present a 2-minute pitch of their idea to investors and spend the evening networking with them. In Fall 2019, Venture College held its first Networking Night at the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. Over 80 guests participated in the event.

Want to get involved to pitch your idea or attend to scout the ideas? Let us know!

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Venture College :: Welcome from the Coordinator of Venture College

Welcome from the Coordinator

Welcome to Venture College!

We are the center of New Entrepreneurship at TAMUC. Helping you to develop side hustles, businesses, nonprofits and anything else you want to create.

We help you refine your vision, develop practical skills and increase your network to become a value creator!

We believe in supporting you to create all types of value, artistic, economic, social, and intellectual.

If this interests you, join our community where we support one another in taking action towards building a life we dream of living, a community we are proud to be in and a world we can pass on with pride.

Anthony Pierotti
Coordinator, Venture College
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Venture College :: Mission and Vision – COB copied not edited


The mission of Venture College is to inspire and enable an innovative value-creating community.

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Venture College :: Dean’s Office Contact Information COB copied not edited

Contact Us

  • Business Building BA348B
  • P.O. Box 3011
  • Commerce, TX 75429-3011
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