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Our facilities can host a variety of groups and events including but not limited to:

  • Registered student organizations
  • University departments
  • Non-university affiliated groups
  • Community events and lock-ins

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Reservation Information

  • Reservations are on a case-by-case basis.
  • Check facility space availability through EMS Online.
  • Reservations may be limited due to academic classes and Campus Recreation-sponsored events that are held within the Morris Recreation Center and Cain Sports Complex. We will coordinate a time that works best for your group.
  • All reservations must comply with all posted departmental policies not covered on this sheet—including posted facility signage. View our complete list of Campus Recreation policies.


Depending on the reservation, fees may apply. Learn more about our reservation fees before submitting your request.

Inclement Weather

Our outdoor facilities are equipped with Thor Guard systems that detect the possibility of lightning. Outdoor activities will be suspended in the event Thor Guard is active and/or there is inclement weather. We will work to accommodate alternative activities within our facilities when possible, but may not be able to due to scheduling restrictions.

Food and Drinks

All food that is being prepared, served, or catered (non-Sodexo) must be approved by Campus Rec prior to arrival.

  • All food must remain in a designated food area.
  • Groups may use the Great OutRoars pavilion grill for a $20 fee.
  • No alcohol or glass containers are permitted.
  • Campus Recreation does not provide plates, napkins, or cutlery.
  • Coolers will be inspected prior to entering the Morris Recreation Center.
  • Drinks must be self-contained.
  • Groups are expected to clean up after themselves at the end of their event.

Reservation Policies

  • There are certain policies that apply to various types of reservations including:
    • Student organizations/campus departments
    • Birthday parties
    • Camps/Conferences/Private Groups
    • Field Trips
  • Policies include waiver requirements, cancellation, limitations, weather
  • Learn more about these policies before submitting your request.

Staffing Requirements and Additional Expenses

  • Student Organizations/Department reservations may be required to cover the cost of staffing if the event occurs outside of the normal operation hours and are based on the expected attendance of the group.
  • All other groups are required to cover the cost of staffing based on the expected attendance of the group. The staffing rate is $12/hour per staff member.
  • Please note: UPD may be required for events that are collecting fees and may be required based on reservation size. UPD will invoice the group separately from Campus Recreation.


In order to process all completed paperwork and acquire necessary approvals, we require the reservation request form to be submitted a minimum of 14 days before your event. Large events require a minimum of 6 weeks from the point of reservation form submission.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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