Cost Accounting Students Demonstrate Proficiency in Managerial Accounting During Industry Immersion Presentations

Students specializing in cost accounting at Texas A&M University-Commerce showcased their adeptness in presentation skills and practical comprehension of managerial accounting principles during a recent series of presentations held on November 6th, 2023.

These presentations followed comprehensive site visits to prominent industry establishments, including American Spiral Weld, Huhtamaki and Hydro Aluminum situated in Paris, Texas. These visits offered invaluable hands-on experience, allowing students to engage directly with industry leaders, gain insights and connect theoretical knowledge with practical business applications.

Thirty attendees, among whom were A&M-Commerce alumni Donna Williams of Huhtamaki and Casey Johnson from American Spiral Weld, actively participated in the site visit presentations. The sessions delved into diverse managerial accounting concepts and their pragmatic implementation within real-world business scenarios. Notably, industry executives commended the students for their analytical prowess, meticulous attention to detail and the wealth of insights garnered from their on-site visits.

Expressing gratitude for the students’ dedication and achievements, Scott Wheeler, Interim Dean of the College of Business, remarked, “These presentations serve as a testament to our students’ diligence and commitment. Witnessing their adeptness in applying academic knowledge to real-world challenges, leaving a lasting impression on industry professionals, is truly inspiring. The collaboration between TAMUC and industry leaders facilitates an environment where students seamlessly bridge theoretical learning with practical applications. Initiatives of this nature not only augment the educational journey but also forge invaluable networks within their respective industries.”

Robert Rankin, Assistant Professor of Accounting, extended appreciation to American Spiral Weld, Huhtamaki, and Hydro Aluminum for their unwavering support in providing students with enriching experiences.

“The interaction with industry experts subsequent to the students’ visits to these companies plays a pivotal role in preparing our students for successful careers,” Rankin said.

Aligned with the College of Business’s commitment to hands-on education, these presentations exemplify the practical approach that distinguishes A&M-Commerce. The College continues to nurture a vibrant learning environment where students acquire theoretical knowledge and cultivate the skills essential for success in the competitive business landscape. This collaborative endeavor with industry pioneers underscores the College’s unwavering dedication to equipping students with experiences that seamlessly blend classroom education with real-world application, ensuring their preparedness for impactful and gratifying careers in the business realm.