A&M-Commerce Launches Pride Promise PLUS Tuition Assistance Program

A&M-Commerce recently launched Pride Promise PLUS, a tuition assistance program intended to help remove financial barriers and make a college education accessible to all students. The program pays tuition that is not covered by other forms of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, exemptions, benefits or waivers.

Pride Promise PLUS is open to freshmen and transfer students with a 3.0 or greater GPA and includes a $100 per year book voucher. A&M-Commerce also offers the Pride Promise program for students with a 2.5 or greater GPA. Pride Promise does not include a yearly book voucher.

Dr. Lee Young, interim vice president of enrollment, explained, “The Pride Promise/Pride Promise PLUS programs address the college affordability challenge and enable students to enjoy an exciting, challenging and engaging collegiate experience instead of worrying about tuition bills.” He added that many of our potential students are self-disclosed first-generation and low-income, and they need financial support in order to change their dreams of a college education into reality.

According to Dr. Mark Rudin, president of A&M-Commerce, the Pride Promise programs are one way that A&M-Commerce is working to keep higher education affordable and accessible. “These tuition assistance programs open the door for top-notch scholars to access quality education,” Rudin stated. “Financial obstacles should not block ambitious students from achieving their goals.”

Students have responded favorably to the program. “I think the Pride Promise PLUS program is a great idea,” stated La'Shae Miller, junior social work major. “Full tuition coverage and a $100 book voucher will make A&M-Commerce an even better value.”

Recipients are eligible for Pride Promise or Pride Promise PLUS for up to eight semesters, not including summer sessions. To find out more, call the Financial Aid Department at 903.886.5096, email [email protected] or visit the Pride Promise website.