Career Readiness Accelerates at the College of Business

The College of Business at Texas A&M University-Commerce, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), hosted Vinessa Burnett, global internship program manager at HPE, for a workshop titled “How to Ace an Interview and Land Your Next Internship” on September 11 at the Dallas site.

More than 50 students attended the event to hone their interview skills and explore career opportunities with HPE. The workshop was designed to cater to both in-person and online participants, representing the College of Business's unwavering commitment to providing accessible and high-quality educational opportunities to its students.

Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Shi Yuying's marketing and business analytics students had the opportunity to engage with industry professionals at the workshop. Burnett led the dynamic and insightful session, shedding light on HPE’s extensive range of internships and full-time career prospects available to students. The workshop delved into comprehensive strategies spanning the entire interview process, including pre-, post-, and during-interview tactics, offering insights to equip students for interview success. Burnett's expertise and guidance helped the students to confidently embark on their professional journey with a newfound vision of the boundless opportunities for career growth awaiting them.

College of Business Career Service Coordinator Shernay Wormley also attended the workshop. Expressing her enthusiasm for how well the students connected with HPE, Wormley said, “It was great to see how eager students were to learn more about HPE's hiring process, with a particular focus on the Situation, Task, Action, and Result (STAR) interview format.” She continued, “The workshop emphasized the critical importance of thorough preparation and professionalism, elements that are instrumental in securing career opportunities with a global industry leader like HPE, which is recognized as a pioneering force in edge-to-cloud solutions.”

In her closing remarks, Burnett highlighted HPE’s identity as a global team, united by shared values yet enriched by distinct individuality. She encouraged students to explore the vast array of opportunities available on the platform, urging them to embark on their career journeys with HPE. The collaborative workshop between the College of Business and HPE was a significant step forward in preparing the college’s students for their future roles. It showcased the commitment of both institutions to nurturing talent, bridging the gap between academics and industry, and fostering a new generation of skilled professionals ready to take on the challenges of the modern business world.