Donor Appreciation Wall Unveiled

A Texas A&M University-Commerce Giving Society wall was unveiled in the Rayburn Student Center during the inaugural Lucky's Thank You Celebration, a biennial appreciation event for donors.

“In fiscal year 2015, University Advancement collaborated with faculty, staff, students and friends across campus to raise a record 2 million dollars for A&M-Commerce. The majority of these funds help lessen the financial burden for our students by providing scholarships for those in need and most deserving,” said Vice President of Advancement Randy VanDeven. “Giving evolves from the heart and at A&M-Commerce, we are blessed to have many friends with BIG hearts.”

Donors are categorized into society levels by the amount they have donated over the course of their lives. The eight societies include, from lowest to highest, the Traditions Society, the Founder's Society, the Heritage Society, the Rayburn Society, the Legacy Society, the Cornerstone Society, the Mayo Society and the President's Circle.

“We are very excited to have a visual way to say thank you to the individuals who support this university,” said Director of Advancement Services Brenda Morris. “Our recognition is based on their cumulative giving total therefore our donors can move up the wall. They will be inducted at one level and as their cumulative giving total increases, they will be inducted at another level. Those inductions are going to take place at the Royal Roar so at that time we will update the wall to reflect where everyone is in the giving societies.”

The current list of donors on the Giving Society wall is based on the cumulative giving totals of donors who have agreed to be inducted as of the last Royal Roar on Aug. 31, 2014. Many other donors have chosen not to be inducted and wish to remain anonymous. The next Royal Roar will take place on Oct. 7, 2016.