East Texas War and Memory Project: Honoring Everyday Heroes

The “East Texas War and Memory Project” continues to showcase the stories donated by war veterans and their families from across the country. Since the project started in 2012, student interns have conducted over 300 interviews and accumulated over 4,500 items for the archives, including service records, photos, uniforms, Naval ribbons, WWII commendations and even a 48-star American flag.

Students are active in the Texas Oral History Association, and six students presented papers at the conference in April. The project, formerly run out of the Honor's College, is now being transferred to the history department, which will be able to handle the increased workload and development of the program. “We have been pleasantly surprised by how successful the War and Memory Project has been,” said Dean Attardo, “and we are looking forward to even more growth and expansion.”

For more information or to donate your story or artifacts, visit the project's Facebook page, the archives, or contact the Department of History at 903-886-5226.