Reaching For the Stars: TAMUC Exploring New Extraterrestrial Studies Degree

Texas A&M University-Commerce is aiming to broaden students' horizons and look deep into civilizations living in galaxies far, far away with a proposed degree program in Extraterrestrial Studies.

This program would encompass an innovative blend of many different disciplines, combining aspects of astronomy, anthropology, political science, health sciences, engineering and more, as students would explore the vibrant cultures native to different planetary systems across the universe, their histories and the science that makes reaching these worlds possible.
“I think having a unique offering such as this really rockets us to the top when it comes to educational value,” A&M-Commerce President Mark Rudin said. “The comprehensive courses of study that are being planned for this program are truly out of this world.”
Proposed courses for the degree program include:

  • We Come in Peace: A History of Intergalactic Diplomacy
  • Synthesized Beef, It's What's for Dinner: Food Replicators Recipes
  • Precise Calculations: The Secrets of Faster-Than-Light Travel

The university is also securing several guest speakers to visit campus, tabbing some of Earth's foremost extraterrestrial researchers such as Dr. Brackish Okun and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos to speak to A&M-Commerce students.

Dr. Rudin stressed his excitement for the new program.

“People like to tell me how I have ‘plenty of space in my head,' and it's true. I'm always thinking about what could lie outside of our solar system,” Rudin said. “This is truly an exciting time for A&M-Commerce to lead the charge with this one-of-a-kind degree program.”

By extending its reach to the stars above, A&M-Commerce could also implement the technologies discovered in outer space right here on campus. As an example, there are currently plans in place to install newly discovered ion engines to campus shuttles to shorten ride times.

The degree program is expected to be offered beginning in Stardate 1312.

Happy April Fools' Day! While this degree program is unfortunately a hoax, we have more than 100 real degree programs to choose from! See our full list of programs.