Several A&M-Commerce Students and Faculty Participate in DCI

Many students and faculty from Texas A&M University-Commerce participated in Drum Corps International (DCI) during the past summer. DCI has been a leader in producing events for the world's most elite and exclusive marching ensembles for student musicians and performers. The annual DCI Tour sees performance ensembles compete in a variety of competitive events.

The following A&M-Commerce students participated in DCI this summer:

  • Genevieve Hilburn, 2nd year grad student, Pacific Crest, Bass Drum Instructor
  • Makena Mailer, Junior, Santa Clara Vanguard, Marimba
  • Adam Whoolery, Junior, Boston Crusaders, Marimba
  • Stephen Mann, Junior, The Cavaliers, Percussion
  • John Wolff, Sophomore, Crossmen, Snare Drum
  • Trey Lewis, Senior, The Troopers, Timpani
  • Jesse Vela, Senior, The Troopers, Marimba
  • Carter Torn, Junior, The Troopers, Vibraphone
  • Danyel Buentello, Junior, The Troopers, Vibraphone
  • Brenley Rowland, Senior, The Troopers, Percussion
  • Beau Bavousett, Incoming Freshman, Santa Clara Vanguard, Bass Drum
  • Noah Caldera, Incoming Freshman, Blue Knights, Vibraphone
  • Isaiah Davidson, Incoming Freshman, The Cavaliers, Vibraphone
  • Collin Sampson, Incoming Freshman, The Cavaliers, Timpani
  • Jean-Luc Poulin, Incoming Freshman, Madison Scouts, Tenors
  • Rose Brown, Incoming Freshman, Guardians, Vibraphone

The following adjunct faculty also participated in DCI:

  • Sandi Rennick, Percussion Instructor, Santa Clara Vanguard and The Troopers, Front Ensemble Arranger
  • Lauren Teel, Percussion Instructor, The Troopers, Drumline Caption Head
  • Tanner Leonardo, Percussion Instructor, The Troopers, Sound Specialist
  • Jeff Ausdemore, Percussion Instructor, Drum Corps International, Percussion Judge