Student Profile: Chris Ramos

Chris Ramos worked with me in the Writing Center my first summer here at the university. He was always the first to volunteer to tutor a student. That's just who he is: the guy always willing to help out. When I started looking into Art Kids, it was really no surprise that Chris was involved. Over the summer, he and campus photographer, Jason Flowers, taught kids and teenagers how to make “sound art” by adapting sounds from circuit boards.
Chances are you've seen Chris around campus. There's a banner of him on display at the One Stop Shop. He's an intern for C3, Commerce Community Church, and part of the Secret Sauce Jazz Combo.
He is also one of the student teachers of the Piano Academy (directed by Dr. Luis Sanchez). The academy provides music lessons for the Commerce community and has over 50 students.
That banner of Chris is well-deserved. This fifth-year music major is not only a talented musician with a promising future as an artist, but also one of the most decent and kind guys with whom you might come into contact, and he's one of us: a Lion.
Art Kids
Art Kids is a collaborative between the A&M-Commerce Art Department and Commerce community local Ashley Bryan's art studio, A Space. Local grade-schoolers and teenagers are offered opportunities to make art in all sorts of media, including photography, paint, and as they did with Chris and Jason, experimental media like broken up electronics. If you'd like to know more, visit A Space online at