The Annual Lion’s Innovation Showcase Awards $8,000 this Spring

The A&M-Commerce Venture College hosted its flagship program, the Lion’s Innovation Showcase, on March, 2023, at the university’s Dallas location.

Organized by the College of Business, the showcase featured 100 students, faculty, staff and industry experts from across North Texas. With students competing for $8,000 in cash prizes, the competition featured not only A&M-Commerce students but also students from other colleges, as well as Mansfield High School, Blue Ridge High School, Town View High School, Prosper High School, Frisco High School and Memorial High School.

The cash prizes were awarded to the best pitches for our business, nonprofit, visual arts and communications, and marketplace categories. The goal of this event is to put our students in front and center, to show them that they can take on these projects, and to help them launch their careers by expanding their networks and developing human capital as capable and assertive future leaders.

Business and nonprofit leaders in attendance included Tatiana Chamorro of Hite Digital, Robert Martinez of B1 Bank, Mark Peters of Tangram Interiors, Patty Escoe of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Corey Harris of Results HQ, Dylan Rafaty of North Texas Disability Chamber, and Nevin Grinnell of DART. John Michell, Steven Dawson, and Freddy O’Pry, patrons and board members for the College of Business and Venture College, served as judges for the event.

“Our students did an amazing job showing how dedicated, capable and brave they are by participating in this showcase. They are truly the future leaders of tomorrow and have done so much for themselves and the TAMUC community by representing us in such a serious endeavor,” said Jacob Pouttu, Venture College coordinator.

The Lion’s Innovation Showcase was the culmination of months of arduous work by student competitors who developed coherent business plans, framed their ideas in ways that create value for their communities and relevant industries, and conquered their fears of public speaking and receiving feedback from experienced business and nonprofit leaders.

Interim Dean of the College of Business Scott Wheeler commented, “Wow, just wow. These students are incredible!” He continued, “I am incredibly blown away by the level of talent, dedication, and ingenuity displayed by our students in this business competition. Their commitment to excellence and their innovative ideas are a testament to the quality of education they are receiving and to their own remarkable abilities. It is clear that these students have a bright future ahead of them in the business world, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to witness their success.”